New Israeli Software Locates The Words “Knife” And “Jew” On Social Media

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TECH Social media is serving as a main source of incitement for the ongoing terrorist attacks in Israel.

Several hashtags such as “The Third Intifada,” “The Jerusalem Intifada,” “The Knife Intifada,” “Poison the Knife before You Stab,” and “Slaughtering the Jews,” were launched in social media in Arabic to spread propaganda praising and encouraging attacks.

Many Twitter accounts using these hashtags expressed joy at the attacks, called the perpetrators ‘heroes,’ threatened more attacks soon, and encouraged others to carry out similar stabbings” – reports the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel plans to create a new software to locate the words “knife” and “Jew” on social media as part of its new offensive against Palestinian incitement on the internet.

Under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry’s communication’s department a new office of some eight to ten people, with backgrounds in Arabic and technology, will be set up to counter the wave of incitement against Israel and Jews on social media.

The new office will locate inflammatory video clips and contact the relevant social media networks such as YouTube, Google and Facebook.

It will also develop codes and create apps to help recognize incitement on the web.

This is a big step in the war on incitement,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely who is helping to lead the initiative.

The daily attacks against Israel, mostly by teenagers and children, are the result of incitement on social networks, she said. This daily war on incitement needs the response of a core operational staff that will coordinate the work that is needed against the social media networks, said Hotovely.

(via JPost)

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