New AlephBet App By Not-a-Box Media Lab Recommended by The Jewish Montessori Society

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Designed to teach early Hebrew letter recognition to three-five year olds,  the AlephBet App offers parent and child learning opportunities at  anytime and provides young children and their parents the ability to learn the Aleph Bet in an interactive and engaging way.   It contains three different games to practice the letters.  The AlephBet App  is the first app to be recommended by  The Jewish Montessori Society.

Developed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, The AlephBet App contains over 30 words in three different games:

  • Match Letters: Drag the letters to spell the illustrated word.
  • Trace & Say: Practice writing and repeating each letter.
  • Find the Letter: Touch the letter before the train leaves the screen.

We are thrilled to see the genius of the Jewish Montessori multi-sensory approach to learning the Hebrew alphabet captured in this gorgeous and wonderful app” – said Ami Petter-Lipstein  Executive Director of  The Jewish Montessori Society. Not-a-Box Media Lab has hit another home run,  this time putting the best of  Montessori’s time-tested pedagogical practice at the fingertips of Jewish children worldwide.

After mastering the standard block print letters, kids and parents can practice script letters,  Rashi script and even  proto-canaanite.  Additional word packs will also be available for purchase in future editions of the app.

We wanted to create something that was pedagogically sound, visually stimulating and engaging for young learners,” said Not-a-Box Media Lab Co-Founder Russel Neiss. “We know that for kids to keep coming back, apps need to be not only educational, but also fun to play with.

Featuring nearly 50 custom hand drawn illustrations, and the original song “Rakevet Alef Bet” by Dafna, The AlephBet App offers a sensory rich multimedia experience guaranteed to tempt even the most reluctant readers.

למד אותיות ומילים
חדש מיועד לילדים בין 3-6 App

מעל 30 מילים בעבריות ושלושה משחקים
התאמה: גרור את האותיות למילה המאוירת
עקוב ותגיד: עיסוק בכתיבה ולחזור על כל אות
מכתב מצא: גע את האות לפני הרכבת עוזבת את המסך

App:  The AlephBet App by Russel Neiss

Compatible: iPad only
Category:   Education
Released:  December 05, 2012
Publisher: Russel Neiss © Not-a-Box Media Lab
Price:  $1.99 (buy app)

There is a separate app for iPhone and iPod Touch – click here



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