Mikvah iPhone app

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Taharas HaMishpacha,  also known as Family Purity,  is an extremely important part of Jewish marital life.

This iPhone application will allow you to make this sometimes complex and important part of  marriage, a bit easier for you and your family.

The Mikvah application has several key parts to it that aid you in observing the laws of  Niddah,  Mikvah, Vestos calendar, useful guidelines and more.

Mikvah Includes: Mikva’ot Database, Vestos or  Taharas  HaMishpacha  Schedules,  Mikvah Zmanim,  Family Purity  Guidelines, Mikvah Checklist,  Contacts, Privacy with Password Protection.

Mikva’ot Mikvah מקוה

Locating Mikva’ot (Mikvah מקוה) can be a challenge when traveling or even in your home town. We added a GPS based Mikvah database that will help you find the closest Mikvah to your current location. If you want to find a Mikvah somewhere else, just type in the location and this app will locate Mikvot in that city or town. You can click on the Mikvah to find out more details, such as an address, phone numbers, schedules and more. The address and phone numbers are clickable and work directly in the iPhone or iPod Touch. If a Mikvah is not in our database or we have the wrong data for a Mikvah, you can easily let us know and we will update it.

Vestos or Taharas HaMishpacha Schedule

Keeping track of your pure and unpure days is a complex task. We provide a do-it-yourself Vestos or Taharas HaMishpacha calendar to aid in that process. You can track your period, clean days, days you went to the mikvah, yom hachodesh, yom hafagah, onah beinonis, beddikas, add notes and much more in this calendar. I do warn you, this calendar does not automatically calculate which days you are not pure. We asked several Rabbinical authorities and they all suggested that we do not add this feature in, due to the obligation for women to track this by hand. The schedule we provide is a great visual way of tracking these days and help you figure out your ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ days.

Mikvah Zmanim

Knowing when you can prepare for the Mikvah and when you can go to the Mikvah are important details. Knowing when you can perform a “Hefseik Tahara” or Bedika are other important factors. Knowing when to immerse in the Mikvah and when Sunset is, all matter. We offer a Zmanim feature to give you the times based on your GPS location or a predefined set of locations, for all these actions. You can check future dates or different locations, just in case you are preparing to travel or preparing for a Yom Tov.

Family Purity Guidelines

Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger has provided his complete Guidelines to Family Purity book, in digital format to be included in this application.  Knowing the Jewish laws and details of Taharas HaMishpacha can be very complex. Having a quick way to look up the laws can be very useful. Rabbi Jaeger’s book can be browsed and searched by keyword. You can quickly look up the laws of family purity with this application. Plus, we give you a quick way to buy the book – which we highly recommend every Jewish home has a copy of, via the application.

Mikvah Checklist

In addition to everything else listed above, we have a Mikvah checklist. This interactive checklist comes with dozens of things to remember to bring to the Mikvah and items you should remember while preparing for the Mikvah. You can add your own, remove others and reorder them, as you like.


Having your Rabbi’s phone number, or your local Mikvah ladies information at hand, can be important. This is also built directly into the application.


Privacy is one of the laws of  Taharas HaMishpacha and we take this seriously. You can quickly set a password to open the application. This way, if your child gains access to your iPhone or iPod Touch, they won’t be able to see what this application is all about (source: RustyBrick).

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Category: Lifestyle
Released: May 11, 2010
Publisher:  RustyBrick, Inc.
Price: $7.99 (buy app)

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