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Midrash & Medicine: Healing Body and Soul in the Jewish Interpretive Tradition by William Cutter (Kindle Edition)

The Jewish healing movement is an effort to promote the use of Jewish beliefs and traditions among doctors and health care workers. The rabbis and other community workers who founded this movement believed that patients and people facing life crises are better served by practitioners knowledgeable about Jewish literature, liturgy, and midrash—commentary, interpretations, and stories about biblical texts.

The Kalman Institute on Judaism and Health, founded by editor Cutter, a rabbi and professor emeritus at Hebrew Union College, fosters the movement through conferences and workshops, including the 2009 “Midrash & Medicine” that is the basis for this book. Twenty papers of uneven quality attempt to foster linkages between science and faith.

Illustrations of midrash are offered to promote the Jewish healing movement, although, in some instances, the connections are difficult to discern. The most poignant presentation describes how a man with a four-year-old daughter confronts the death of his 32-year-old wife. The heightened current interest in spirituality is furthered by the relationship between tradition and medical care set forth here.

A conversation among the giants of the Jewish healing movement. Jewish professionals and lay leaders alike, along with clinicians and all those who have had encounters with medicine will appreciate the depth and the humanity, the challenges articulated and the synergy engendered by this discourse on the science and art of healing.” —Rabbi Mari Chernow, senior rabbi, Temple Chai (Phoenix)

A rigorous intellectual and emotional journey. Expands the field considerably, as midrash—Jewish lore—allows emphasis on empathy. An exploration of some of the finest minds (and hearts) into a new chapter of Jewish bioethics.” —Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler, author, Facing Illness, Finding God: How Judaism Can Help You and Caregivers Cope When Body or Spirit Fails

A synergistic interplay of simultaneously personal and scholarly reflections from an international group of seasoned, intelligent, caring voices. Perusing this rich compilation of fresh source material and nuanced insights is like joining a leading-edge conversation—or at least like sitting within a couple of rows of the lively, collaborative roundtable.” —Rabbi Natan Fenner, BCC, founding editor, Bay Area Jewish Healing Center’s Torah Reflections

Explores a wide range of thought about how we use language, image and story to make meaning in the midst of illness, aging, healing and caregiving.” —Rabbi Nancy Flam, co-director of programs, Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Presents inspiring and beautifully crafted essays and stories on subjects that touch all realms of the human condition—the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. This powerful book provides the opportunity to engage in the extraordinary Jewish tradition of story making, interpreting and reframing to bring meaning and wholeness into our lives.” —Sharona Silverman, MPH, director, Deutsch Family Shalom Center, Temple Chai (Phoenix)

Midrash & Medicine: Healing Body and Soul in the Jewish Interpretive Tradition” by William Cutter is available for iPhone,  iPod Touch,  iPad with free Amazon app  (download app – here).

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