Megillat Esther

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Like the previous works in the Kol Menachem series, Megillat Esther, Slager Edition is predominately based on the scholarly output of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902–1994). Most of the Rebbe’s teachings were initially delivered at regular public gatherings (farbrengens) attended mainly by his own followers and disciples; they were later published, often under the Rebbe’s own editorial guidance.

At the farbrengen he would typically deliver a Ma’amar (a dense and highly esoteric Chasidic discourse), and a number of Sichos (sermons), which were sometimes very scholarly in their content and at other times more inspirational and instructional. One single farbrengen could last as long as eight or nine hours, during which time he would deliver a staggering amount of information. Autobiographical or personal comments were extremely rare; most of the attention was directed at Torah exegesis or at issues facing the Jewish community.

The Purim farbrengen was a highlight of the year. It was one of the best attended gatherings, longest in length, and very highspirited, considering that most of the crowd had already fulfilled the Rabbinic injunction to become intoxicated on this festival.9 On these occasions, the Rebbe was more intimate than usual, and more humorous — Chasidim would look forward to this annual event when they would experience special moments of “disclosure” from their master. In later years, the Purim farbrengenwas televised live on cable networks, with simultaneous translation from the Rebbe’s spoken Yiddish, which naturally affected the tone and content of the gathering.

From his ascent to leadership in 1951, the Rebbe conducted a Purim farbrengen every single year. Generally speaking, it would commence around 8:30–9pm, so as to give the local community an opportunity to celebrate the traditional Purim feast with their families beforehand; the gathering would continue until close to daybreak. Even on Purim, however, the Rebbe strongly discouraged excessive alcoholism, issuing specific limits on consumption; and this was often an occasion that he chose to address serious issues or indulge in intricate scholarship. (from the Introduction)

Kol Menachem’s Megillah brings the power and meaning of ancient miracles into our modern lives, by pairing the traditional text with clear, insightful commentary.  Some of these ideas were penned in times of tragedy and turmoil, in the years the Holocaust raged; now they offer illumination and encouragement.

Alongside gleanings from forty years of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Purim addresses Kol Menachem’s Megillah offers indispensable wisdom from the classic Midrashim on Megillah, and from giants such as Arizal, Maharal, Alshich, Malbim, Baal Shem Tov, and Rogatchover Gaon.

But while the ideas are profound, the text is effortless. The Hebrew text is accompanied by a smooth, contemporary translation, and under the text are the “Classic Questions” and “Toras Menachem” sections.

The layout, too, brings reading pleasure. The Megillah’s beautiful typography and layout have been designed by the Kol Menachem award-winning team. The ornate, hand-tooled leather-style cover completes the luxury, making the Megillah an irresistible Purim gift.

Megilas Esther, The Slager Edition
Price: $20.00

  • Stunning typography by award winning designer.
  • Commentary is contemporary and relevant.
  • A delightful blend of mystical, historical, and religious messages.
  • Ornate, hand made, leather-style cover.
  • 6½” x 9¼”, 144 pages,
    ISBN 978-1-934152-24-9

    To order copy of Megilas Esther, The Slager Edition visit Kol Menachem website.

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