Manuscripts From The Cairo Genizah On Your Mobile Devices [iOS & Android – Update]

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The Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society (FJMS) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 2007. Its object is to educate the public by translating, transcribing, cataloguing, preserving and making available to the public Jewish manuscripts and other Jewish books and documents.

In 2009, FJMS entered into a joint venture agreement with The Friedberg Genizah Project to digitize manuscripts and other books and documents primarily relating to Judaism and make them and all related data available to the general public.

The project includes more than 450,000 high-quality digital images of manuscripts from the Cairo Genizah, and for many of them, there is related information such as identification, catalogs published, transliterations, joins and bibliographical references. By presenting this information, any The Friedberg Genizah Project’s website visitor can get all the known published information about the requested item.

Genizah researchers or scholars in Jewish studies or related study fields, can register to the website, view information and enter new information themselves. The site is developed and maintained by “Genazim“, the computing unit of the Friedberg Genizah Project, under the leadership of  Professor Yaacov Choueka.

The Genzaim mobile app enables one to view the Genizah manuscripts on mobile devices.  Access to images is very fast, but requires prior knowledge of the image FGP number. The application includes basic image processing functions such as zooming in and zooming out.

In a new version the user can search a specific shelfmark in a dedicated search box.  There is an option to browse  shelfmarks of different libraries,  option to browse between images in the same shelfmark  and option to browse between images of adjacent shelfmarks.

The app requires individual username and password. If you don’t have one already, you will need register on  project’s  website.

App: Cairo Genizah by Genazim Digital


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:   Education
Released: March 29, 2014  (updated: Jun 24, 2014)
Publisher:  Genazim Digital Ltd.
Price:  Free  (get app)

Android  version – here

App developed by Sifra Digital.



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