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Israeli company Idioma has exported the “internet alert” concept for television, developing a technology based on the detection of  key words warning the viewer in real time of a certain broadcast in any channel related to his preferences.

The system is called LiveSearchTV and allows users to choose keywords. They then get an automatic message when content with those keywords is to be broadcast.

This system is addressed to broadcasters and is based on the monitoring professional platform SmartLog which allows on-screen alerts to be shown in real time, and at the same time to send the user an alert on his mobile gadget such as iPhone or Android.

In the second case the gadget could then be connected to a PVR in order to receive the order of recording a selected channel including the key words.

Users can create their own lists of  keywords and also edit or erase them. He can also know at any given moment what content is being broadcast by all the channels received in relation to the previously selected words.

Since 2001 the company has been developing monitoring technology for broadcast signals by integrating audio detection technologies and real time video. The LiveSearch TV interface allows the personalization and implementation of services to satisfy the specific architecture of operators.

Operators’ must integrate software into users’ set-top-boxes to navigate through the selection menu of the keywords. A middleware application is also needed to manage the database, the results and the search demands, for example.

(via Rapid TV News)

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