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Libo,  an Israeli startup that’s now available to the public,  aims to be the Skype of  media.

LIBOX has developed a way to let you take advantage of the storage you already own, along with your network of friends and family, to make free multimedia sharing possible, instead of using expensive cloud computing.  LIBOX will always be free of charge and will never put limits on how much media you can add or the number of people with whom you can share it.

High Definition – LIBOX believes your high quality media should be enjoyed in its original form whenever possible. Whether music, photos or video, LIBOX will always maintain the quality of each piece of media so that the resolution and size are maximized for the device on which it is enjoyed and so that quality is not lost when you share it.

Available Anywhere – LIBOX knows what you want and where you want it. LIBOX uses a combination of  technologies – including intelligent syncing and streaming – to make your entire digital media collection available across all of your devices. This includes Macs and PCs and any device with a Web browser.  Once you add media to your LIBOX account, it is automatically and instantly available to enjoy wherever you access LIBOX.

Play Anything – LIBOX makes sure you can enjoy your media from any source.  LIBOX handles all major (and nearly all minor) digital media formats, so you don’t have to think about it. Just add media to LIBOX and enjoy.

That’s really only the tip of  iceberg for what you’ll be able to do with LIBOX.  Like any application launching these days,  LIBOX is always a  work in progress and we will continually work to improve the experience for users.

Libox plans to integrate the iPhone,  iPad and  Android platforms later this summer.

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