Learning Rashi Script Is Easy… At Least Now With A New Jewish App

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ready-for-rashi-jewish-appsDavka Corporation has  released new app for iPhone called “Ready for Rashi“. The app teaches students how to read Rashi script (the semi-cursive Hebrew typeface). The script is used to display the commentary of Rashi, the preeminent 11th century Bible and Talmud commentator, as well as those of many other Bible and Talmud commentators. Reading Rashi script is an essential skill for serious students of the Bible and Talmud, who need to refer to the original commentaries.

Ready for Rashi” app was developed by a Jewish educator Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz. Rabbi Schwartz has taught Chumash and Rashi at Arie Crown Hebrew Day School in Skokie, Illinois. Over the years, he has introduced hundreds of students to Rashi script with his innovative teaching methods. He has had 40 years of experience in teaching this skill, and combines color, sound, and review exercises to teach Rashi script in four lessons.

Each lesson includes clear explanations, diagrams, games and drills to enhance the learning process. The app first teaches Rashi letters that are similar to standard Hebrew letters, progresses to teaching those letters that differ significantly in appearance from standard Hebrew letters, and shows how to differentiate between similar-looking Rashi letters. It teaches two selections from Rashi’s Bible commentary on Genesis to apply reading skills to the actual Rashi text. “Ready for Rashi” app also includes a biographical section that describes the life of Rashi, and his accomplishments and importance in the world of Bible commentary.

App: “Ready for Rashi” by Davka Corporation

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Education
Released: May 5, 2016
Publisher: Davka Corporation
Price: $5.99 (buy app)

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