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iPad Mini to be launched in Israel next week

Several weeks before the iPhone 5 officially reaches Israel in mid-December, Apple importer iDigital will launch the iPad Mini in Israel next week.  Several days after its launch in iDigital stores, the iPad Mini will also be available from Cellcom Israel Ltd.

Estimates are that the price of the iPad Mini will be NIS 1,700. The 4G 32 gigabytes version is expected to retail at a similar price to the new 3G iPad NIS 3,030.

Official iPhone 5 launch during Hannukah

Sources inform ”Globes” that the official launch of the iPhone 5 in Israel will be during Hannukah in mid-December.  The current average price of an iPhone 5 at private stores in Israel is NIS 7,000 (Today Israeli Groupon offers iPhone 5 for  NIS 4,559 – click here), and is expected to fall to NIS 4,500-5,000.

Half of Israeli drivers use Waze

Half of Israeli drivers use the Waze  GPS navigation app (download here) as a means of getting around, according to a survey by iPanel for MIS  (Marketing Information Systems) Ltd.. The figure rises to 72% of all drivers who use a navigation app.

Last month, Waze announced that it has 28 million registered users worldwide, including four million Israelis. Average use time of the app is 440 minutes a month. The Waze app suits most smartphones on the market.

iPanel found only 12% of Israelis use the iGo app of  NavNGo, but the app is only available for iPhones,  suggesting that the number of users would be much greater if the company would release an Android version of its app. This assumption is reinforced in view of the fact that out of the 93% of Waze users who know which operating system they have, 58% have Android operating systems and 36% have the iPhone’s iOS system.

Waze users are also more satisfied than iGo users: 77% of Waze users rated it 8 or higher, compared with 62% of iGo users. (more about Waze – click here)

(via Globes)

Apple recruiting more workers in Israel

Apple is stepping up its recruitment of workers in Israel: At least 19 job offers have been published on the company’s official website in recent weeks, most of them for positions of hardware engineers, but some for software engineers as well.

Two offers have been made for part-time student jobs, requiring 20 hours of work a week.

Most jobs are located in Herzilya – the headquarters of the Anobit startup company acquired by Apple.  A small number of the offered positions are in Haifa, where Apple is planning to open its Israeli research and development center.

(via Ynet)


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