Kosher Cookbook By Gloria Kobrin An iPhone App With Over 300 Step-By-Step Recipes

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Make the Kosher Cookbook your main shopping list.  Now you can add your own items and even send the shopping list via email.

Overwhelmed by running your kosher kitchen? The Kosher Cookbook application for iPhone will hold your hand every step of the way!  “Shopping list” lets you manage your entire shopping list in one place.

Just choose a main ingredient, a course and/or a cuisine or simply decide if you want the dish to be dairy, meat or parve,  and the perfect recipe is right at your fingetips  in seconds.
If the recipe or picture strikes your fancy, with one click you can create an entire “Shopping list” of all necessary ingredients viewable by Store Aisle. Already have some of what you need? Unclick the box and instantly remove whatever you don’t want on your list.

You can even create your own meal plan with 1-3 courses including appetizer, soup, entree and dessert or choose an entire plan with one of our 52 weeks of Shabbat and Holiday meal tips. We’ve factored in season and candle lighting time,in order to provide you with seasonal meals that can be created hours before Shabbat begins, and kept fresh for dinner that night and lunch the next day.

No internet? Need to do your meal planning on the go? Once the Kosher Cookbook is uploaded to your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll have full access to it without an internet connection.

Exclusive  features include:

  • Over 300 recipes with 150+ images:  each recipe was exclusively created by well –  respected chef Gloria Kobrin.
  • Recipe filter: organize recipes based on food type, course, or cuisine.
  • My recipes: save a list of your favorite recipes for future use.
  • Shopping list: create a complete shopping list at the touch of a button. then view your list by recipe, store isle, or all at once.
  • Meal plans: Combine your favorite recipes into a full meal for any day of the week.
  • Search: Enter all or part of the recipe or ingredient and we’ll show you everything we have to offer
  • 52 weeks of Shabbat and Holiday meals:  Gloria Kobrin has designed a meal plan for every Shabbat of the year – taking into account Shabbat Candle Lighting times and seasonal foods for that month.

Review by Shoshana Raff, August 1, 2011

I have another confession to make: I’m a tech geek, married to an even bigger tech geek. I also love to climb into bed and read cookbooks as if they’re novels. But I’m very picky about which recipes I actually make for my finiky family and, I only prepare Kosher food. So when I got my hands on Gloria Kobrin and Appsolute Media’s Kosher Cookbook App for iPhone, I was ecstatic! The marriage of my favorites: kosher cooking and technology.

I also consider myself a decent critic – of both recipes and apps, since I’m an avid user of both. Kosher Cookbook is up there in the ratings for its clear, organized, fun and extremely easy to use application. An app built by technology masters with recipes developed by a professional cookbook writer/chef. If you want the app for the amazing recipes but are a bit shy of the technology, there really is nothing to fear. You will be able to understand how to use your Kosher Cookbook application in no time flat. If you love apps (like I do) this will easily become one of your favorites.

And as for the Kosher gourmet in your house, they will love Gloria’s selection of recipes.  The recipes are not too exotic or unusual yet not boring or common in any way.  All the recipes are classy, gourmet and classic.  Take for example, ‘The Classics’ (from that category) such as Baked Marinated Chicken, Pot Roast, Chicken Soup, Cole Slaw, Mandelbrodt, Rugelach, and Stuffed Cabbage.   Or the “Masters Gone Kosher” category where you can find Baklava, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Au Vin, Meringues, Moussaka, Peach Galette, Roast Duck in Rhubarb Sauce, Salmon Canapes, Striped Bass En Croute and more.  The next category of recipes is “Gloria’s Hits” featuring Butterscotch Brownies, Meat Loaf, Rack of Lamb with Pesto and more.  You can also find a wide selection of easily organized recipes in the rest of the categories: The Carnivore, Let’s Make a Salad, Soup’d Up, Just Chicken, Vegetarian Gourmet, Lots of Sides, Lite Fare, Breakfast Bakery, Party Fare, Tiny Treats and Big Sweets.

The best feature of all, however, is  ”The Tools“.  With the touch of a finger, you can organize your favorite of Gloria’s recipes into Meal and Menu Plans (Jewish Holiday menu planning is around the corner, folks!) and she gives you suggestions for meals and menus for each Jewish holiday, Shabbat and seasons of the year.  As with most apps, there is also an easy to use search feature, a section where you can add your own recipes and you can create your own customized shopping list from her fully itemized list of ingrediants from each of her recipes.  Your complete Kosher shopping list, recipes and menu plan all neatly contained and organized right in your app.  Now do you understand why I’m so ecstatic?

No more searching through thick hard-copy cookbook indexes to find the recipe you need. No more pages and pages of lists. No more searching through index cards and drawers for last years Rosh Hashana Menu Plan. Its all there for you in your little app. And the best thing about it – the well used recipe ‘pages’ won’t ever be full of chocolate and oil smudges!

Download the Kosher Cookbook App from iTunes now while its on sale for only $0.99 – regularly priced at $4.99. If having over 300 delicious Kosher recipes and 150 images at the touch of your fingertips isn’t appealing enough, I’ll bet the price certainly is.

(This review first appeared on the The Kosher Shop-a-holic blog by Shoshana Raff)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Category: Lifestyle
Released: November 28, 2009 (Updated: February 10, 2011)
Publisher: Appsolute Media LLC
Price: app is no longer available on the AppStore

Kosher Cookbook Launch Party

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