Keys to Life

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New Artscroll’s eBook: What the Angel  Taught You; Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment” by Rabbi Noah Weinberg and Yaakov Salomon, C.S.W.

Have you ever asked, “What does God really want from me?” . In their new ground-breaking book, “What the Angel Taught You; Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment,” two world-renowned educators collaborate to ask and answer some of the most compelling questions we all seem to have.

What does God really want from me? What is the highest class of pleasure in this world? How do I get my prayers answered? How do I know if my decisions are right? What is the definition of love? Are there any absolute truths on Earth?How does free will bring me happiness? Why was Man created?

Rabbi Noah Weinberg, Founder and Dean of Yeshivas Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem, has been a distinguished educator of tens of thousands of students for over four decades and was one of the originators of today’s global Kiruv movement. In this – his first book – he shares his astute and lively approach to living, and teaches us how to get genuine fulfillment out of life.

Yaakov Salomon, C.S.W. is a prominent psychotherapist and accomplished author, who weaves Rabbi Weinberg’s concepts into a user-friendly tapestry of step-by-step instructions toward realizing this goal.

Together they have articulated a fresh and clear manual, transmitting penetrating insights in simple and invigorating terms. The result is a new approach to pleasure, prayer, free will, happiness, knowledge, love, and intellectualism that will leave you smiling, nodding, and totally inspired.

This book is available on iPad with iBooks.

Category: Judaism
Released: August 25, 2010
Publisher:  ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications
Price: $11.99 (buy eBook)

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