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Being on-line is second nature to us all – at home, in the office, on vacation. We have access to a broad range of informational and entertaining content. We keep in touch by email. We blog. We do social networking. We listen to internet radio and download music. However, this experience was not available to the driver in the vehicle.

Until now…

Synphony™, Israeli-based software from InPhoDrive, is an innovative voice-activated solution, which delivers audible web experience to the driver behind the wheel.

Using his natural voice the driver can browse an informational news portal or select a streaming music channel of choice. He can listen to incoming e-mail messages and dictate new ones. He can stay in touch via social networks. He can perform vocal search for a location of desire or receive relevant traffic updates. The required content is brought back to him from the World Wide Web resources in audible form. With no keyboards and no screens, the process is easy, joyful, intuitive – and mostly important – safe.  Now the usually boring commuting time can be filled with productiveness and fun.

The need for such system is obvious: more and more jurisdictions prohibit non-hands-free use of mobile phones while driving. Synphony™ allows verbal access to audible content and services as well as voice-operation of the mobile phone itself, leaving the hands on the wheel and the eyes on the road.

Synphony™ is a vertical solution containing all the components required to bring this exciting experience into the vehicle. It includes a vocal browser application installed on the mobile phone of the user and backend server software, ran by the service operator. The solution is highly modular and customizable. New and 3-rd party applications can be easily added to the system. Synphony™ actually creates a new vocal web medium which can incorporate hundreds of applications – based on existing ideas or completely new ones.

Synphony™ has applications for people with visual impairments, helping connect them with the infotainment world and greatly improving their quality of living. With Synphony, the visually challenged can take the world of vocal infotainment with them, wherever they go.


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