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As the US economy suffers from a  high unemployment  rate,  an Israeli  startup company  is using  innovative  technology  to change the way Americans  search  for and  find  jobs.

Utilizing  social  networking  as  its  base,  is  the only  job search engine that aggregates jobs in real time from social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more.

While such social networks are generally limited to family, friends or followers,  JobsMiner offers a ground-breaking means to access job opportunities hidden within the vast and relatively untamed social networking frontier.

In unlocking these hidden jobs, JobsMiner presents potential employment opportunities that otherwise would have been missed by the job seeker.

If someone for example, wants to search for potential jobs in Maine, a simple click on the website’s map of the state yields a list of jobs, ranging from office manager in Portland to registered nurse in Bangor, all drawn from various social networking sites. The job seeker can always tailor the search by specifying the job field he or she is interested in and the geographical area.

According to the company’s CEO, Ran Enoch, over 22 million Americans have used social networks to find their most recent job in 2011.

The majority of jobseekers today use social networking,” Enoch told Tazpit News Agency in an exclusive interview. “Ours is the first and only on-line tool that searches all social media websites for relevant jobs,” he added.

JobMiner’s social media search engine is based upon the unique technology of Makam, a leading Israeli company which has been monitoring and analyzing social media for seven years, providing services in the fields of government, security, and healthcare to thousands of users in organizations both in Israel and internationally including the US.

The reason that we chose to launch JobsMiner in the United States is due to the current economic climate of the country and partly because of our familiarity with the market there,” explained Enoch – “Our search engine crawls through social networks, blogs and forums, filtering out the clutter and presenting those job opportunities that are relevant to the job seeker. What we realized is that company employees many times will post about a job opening on their social networks before it even appears on the company’s website or job board.  JobsMiner gets this information out to a much wider circle of people in the quickest possible way.”



Launched in February 2012, JobsMiner has already helped countless Americans locate jobs.

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