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“Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!” by Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! A roadmap to financial prosperity, was written to assist anyone who wishes to prosper and live the American dream.

Blending humor, personal anecdotes, proverbial wisdom, and biblical references, Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! is a readable guide towards achieving prosperity throughout life’s various stages.

Rabbi Celso blends G-dly wisdom and common sense, offering practical solutions that the Jewish people have used for thousands of years to build and strengthen their financial standing. He also highlights the pitfalls of many of our culture’s poor spending habits, even though they’ve become accepted practices in today’s world. “It makes no sense that someone would volunteer to be a slave, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the United States today,” says Rabbi Celso. “Far too many people are signing up to become slaves to their credit card companies.”

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! is a program of simple, but essential steps that Rabbi Celso believes will forever change the way people look at their finances, and handle their money. He discloses the eternal truths behind the oldest financial system in history, the one that has survived the test of time: the Jewish approach to financial management.

Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn is the rabbi of Adat Achim Synagogue in Miami Beach, Florida. He has over ten years of experience as a congregational rabbi and is a bestselling author. He is a member of the rabbinical cabinet of  United Jewish Appeal. His professional responsibilities have taken him to China, Eastern Europe, and South America, Mexico, and Israel. He comes from a rabbinic family, with rabbis going back 700 years.

Review by Prof. Ross T. Barnard (Amazon)

It is hard to imagine a more timely publication, given that many in our communities are feeling the consequences of greed and economic mismanagement on the grand scale.

This book is a “gem”. It distills the economic wisdom of thousands of years into a user friendly compendium for contemporary life. It is skilfully crafted and can be characterised by the words “balance”, “clarity” and “timeliness”. Rabbi Cukierkorn has balanced his advice on how to live a good life, with astute tips on how to manage day-to-day finances and longer term investments. For example, he has practical advice for those making decisions on purchasing an automobile, deciding on purchasing a house, deciding on the best retirement plan and the best insurance deals, plus instructions on which debts to pay off first.

Principles of personal financial management are expounded clearly and logically that will allow anyone to achieve this balance in life and freedom from the slavery of debt (he calls it the “Egypt” of debt) and give a person the freedom to contribute to community. He explains the intimate connection between economic management, living a good life, family and “tzedekah”. Cukierkorn explains that “tzedekah” is a Hebrew word, with a different meaning to “charity”. It is, rather, related to social justice and improvement of the world, which results from giving.

The principles are easy to follow and are illustrated with simple, calculated examples and with anecdotal examples from the lives of the author’s family and friends. What makes the book out of the ordinary is the manner in which it draws on picturesque analogies from the Torah, from Native American folklore, the experiences of his grandfather, as well as examples from people managing their finances today . He delves into human psychology, showing how to tame the internal “beasts” that tempt us into buying things we do not really need, and to drive away those “little foxes” that eat away at our daily budget.

Concise summaries at the end of each chapter reinforce the key concepts.

This book was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a “dry” work on money management, but discovered an easy, entertaining read. A very instructive work that deserves to become a classic in personal financial management. Cukierkorn’s work is infused with thousands of years of Jewish wisdom which he has made superbly accessible to anyone who needs help in managing their money and improving their life.

“Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!” by Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn is available for iPhone,  iPod Touch,  iPad with free Amazon app  (download app – here)

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