Jewish Rock Radio

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Jewish Rock Radio is the Voice of Jewish Youth featuring high-caliber, contemporary Jewish rock music with your favorite Jewish rock artists from the US, Israel, and beyond.

Jewish Rock Radio isn’t just about the music. JRR aims to transform the Jewish community by establishing a global communication channel for Jewish youth and young adults to communicate with each other about the wealth of opportunities for meaningful involvement and connection in the Jewish world.

JRR broadcasts fresh programming including interviews with Jewish youth from coast-to-coast sharing exciting ways they are engaging in Jewish life. Jewish Rock Radio also regularly exposes the work of brand new Jewish artists as well as the classic spins of long-established Jewish artists.

This isn’t the future – this is now. This is our station. This is Jewish Rock Radio!

The first high-caliber, 24/7, national Jewish internet radio station available through free, online broadcast. A channel for the Jewish world to broadcast important messages to youth while providing accessible, daily Jewish education, entertainment, and inspiration. Contemporary American and Israeli Jewish artists and new composers (rock, pop, hip hop, and rap) introduced to Jewish youth. Youth-driven talk shows promoting cool opportunities to engage in Jewish life, featuring youth from local communities sharing experiences from Israel trips, tikun olam projects, religious school programs, and other exciting opportunities. Youth at local synagogues, day schools, youth groups, camps, and colleges will determine the musical selection and be the “stars” of the weekly, nationally broadcasted talk shows.

For more information, contact Jewish Rock Radio is a division of  Judaism Alive 501c3 (

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Music
Released: October 07, 2010
Publisher: Jacobs Media
Price: Free (get app)

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