Jewish recipes

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Take back your kitchen today with 116 recipes and all the tips and tricks to make it happen!

Whether you spend your days exploring the culinary arts or spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, there’s something for everyone with Jewish Recipes. Never before has such an extensive, easy to use database been compiled for use right at your fingertips!

Everyone knows that losing your page in a cookbook in the middle of the recipe is frustrating, not to mention the sticky pages that come from handling the book. Eliminate the mess and say goodbye to the stress. Quickly look up your favourite recipe in the alphabetical database and off you go. Master the kitchen without a library – it has never been easier.

With the quick scrolling feature you will never have to turn a page again. Save time, save space, and gain some peace of mind. Download the Jewish Recipes application today!

•       Scroll through every recipe alphabetically or quickly jump to a letter with the ABC sidebar.
•       Search feature makes finding a recipe easier than ever.
•       Tried and tested recipes that leave nothing to chance.
•       Simple one touch design that allows for the fastest browsing.

What’s different?
•       The most user friendly cookbook you’ve ever had!
•       More Content than any other recipe application!
•       Search feature your old cookbook never had.

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Released: June 05, 2009
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