Jewish Food

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Take your cooking to a higher level with hundreds of delectable dishes at your fingertips. Browse recipes by name or category – Main Dishes, Soups, Desserts, and more. Spice up your cooking experience with new tips. Even take notes and pictures to remember your success and record how you did it.

Jewish cooking adapts foods from countries where Jews have been living since centuries. Jewish religious laws sometimes influence the recipes. Many Jewish holidays are celebrated with foods or dishes having special significance. Stuffed cabbage, a traditional Jewish dish, is common in Eastern Europe. Blintzes and knishes are familiar to all Germans, not just Jewish ones. Falafel and hummus, increasingly thought of as Israeli-Jewish foods, can be found in any Greek restaurant. But the combination of these varied foods into one style of cooking is uniquely Jewish.

Jewish deserts generally do not have any dairy products in them because of the constraints of kashrut. Under the kosher laws, dairy products cannot be eaten at the same meal as meat. An example of this kind of cooking is the Jewish apple cake.

One ingredient you will see in many of Jewish recipes is matzah meal. Matzah meal is crumbs of matzah or unleavened bread. Likewise, any traditional Jewish meal begins with the breaking of bread. Among many other varieties, challah is a special kind of bread used for Shabbat and holidays. A knish is a sort of potato and flour dumpling stuffed with various things. They are commonly filled with mashed potato and onion, chopped liver or cheese. They are good for a snack, an appetizer or a side dish.

A blintz is a thin, flat pancake rolled around a filling. It looks a little like an egg roll. As a main dish or side dish, blintzes can be filled with sweetened cottage cheese or mashed potatoes and onion.

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