Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow

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As Communism in Poland began to crack and crumble, a small group of people staged a festival in Krakow, celebrating aspects of Jewish culture. That was back in 1988, and what was then a fringe event has grown into today’s festival – featuring some 200 events and expected to attract many thousands of people, of all religions, cultures and nations.

To give some idea of the extent and importance of the festival, simply compare the rise in attendance. In that first year, about 100 people came; now, thanks to live TV broadcasts, parts of the festival are seen by close to half a million worldwide – on top of the crowds who flock to Krakow to get a live taste of proceedings.

Even those who are not familiar with the Krakow Festival of Jewish Culture will probably be aware of the massive open–air concert that takes place each year. Ulica Szeroka is turned into a carnival zone for the duration, as international bands play to massive crowds for a show that is broadcast across Poland and beyond. This year, the finale concert will be on July 7, starting at 6pm and going on way into the night.

But the festival is about much more this. The organising committee has spent the past year – practically since the end of the 2011 festival – planning this year’s extravaganza; and they’ve come up with quite a programme.

Workshops, seminars, lectures, craft sessions, live music, dancing, heritage events… there is something on the programme for all. The events – like the festival itself – have an ethos of respect, tolerance and shared experience, so most will be presented either in several languages at once, or in individual versions. This ethos extends to access too, and many of the events are free to attend. (via KrakowPost)

For a full programme, ticket information, news and more, download the free festival app (festival’s apps 2010, 2011). You will not only be able to choose your events and browse by what is nearest to you, but also be able to set on a journey with the app as your own insider guide.

Follow your own path:

  • browse by event type or date
  • pick your events to add them to your schedule
  • check the map to see what is going on around you

Explore hand picked tours of events:

  • choose one of the two paths
  • play to win an abundance of festival prizes

The 2012 Festival edition takes place from 29th June to 8th July, with events ranging from concerts and workshops to lectures and religious ceremonies, culminating in Shalom on Szeroka Street, a unique, grand open air concert.

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