JewGlass – Jewish App For Google Glass – New Project of RustyBrick

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Smart Jewish boys from RustyBrick struck again. As a first company RustyBrick  has started developing  a Jewish app for GoogleGlass.

Barry Schwartz writes on his blog:

We’ve helped change how the Jewish world uses technology to improve and aid their daily Jewish lives with our  iOS and Android apps.  Now we are taking it up a notch with Google Glass. Google Glass is Google’s revolutionary concept behind a wearable computer. The RustyBrick team has come up with revolutionary ideas on how to leverage this device to fundamentally change the way Jews think about observing Judaism.  How? Read on…

By pushing contextual, geographic-aware, and time sensitive data directly into your line of vision – JewGlass can help you remember things such as prayer time deadlines, where to find kosher eateries, what or what not to say while praying in synagogue and Shabbat start or end times. This is just the beginning, the practical applications are endless.

Let’s take a look (screenshots by RustyBrick)

You are sitting in a meeting and you lose track of time.  JewGlass sends you a polite reminder that sunset is creeping up on you right in the corner of your eye.


You are given the options of locating a nearby synagogue or…


JewGlass can show the prayer you need to say at that time. Depending on the time of day, you will see morning services (Shacharis), afternoon services (Mincha) or evening services (Maariv). Oh, yes, the options of Nusach will be available and the text will be smart, only showing the relevant time-based prayers.


No prayer book (siddur) on hand? Don’t have access to your hands? No problem, the prayer will show up discreetly in the corner of your eye.


Have time to run to a synagogue but not sure where to find one? JewGlass will show you options of nearby synagogues! In this case, JewGlass found 3 nearby synagogues within walking distance from your meeting.


JewGlass will help you find a synagogue you like, tell you how long it will take you to get there and show a map for you to visualize where to find the synagogue.


Need more help? Call the synagogue from Google Glass.


Walking, driving or biking directions will take you directly to that synagogue.


As your are walking, Google Glass shows you how far away you are from your destination.


JewGlass detects you finally made it to synagogue and gives you quick tips.


The tips cover important prayer or learning facts for the day.


JewGlass can be configured to send you scheduled reminders of when Shabbat begins and ends and the Parsha of the week.


It’s lunch time and JewGlass is here to make sure you don’t skip a meal. JewGlass tells you there are several nearby kosher eateries.


Kosher Delight is around the corner!


Call in your order for delivery.


Or get directions for take out.


The food looks so good, you want to eat at the restaurant. So you sit down and the menu is in Hebrew. Scan the part of the menu you want translated and you got it.


Do you want to impress your friends? Have Glass read it aloud and you can repeat, as you hear it.



This is just a glimpse into the potential of wearing technology and how it can impact Jewish life. For more details contact RustyBrick  at

Let us know what you think about newest  RustyBrick’s project in the comments.


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