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In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of Yud Shevat, JEM has announced a new online version of Living Torah. To kick it off, they are featuring the Rebbe’s first Chassidic Discourse – delivered on Yud Shevat, 5711.

The new Living Torah Online includes the weekly Sicha, Timeless Moment, Eye-to-Eye and My Encounter videos, in their entirety. Segments of older episodes such as Special Moment and Soul Strings, are archived and accessible as well. Featured as well are a comprehensive topic index, as well as an index featuring all Living Torah clips by date.

The online version of Living Torah, which JEM bills as “viewer supported,” is free for DVD members. Each week, this site will continue to feature one out of the four weekly clips for free every week. Non members can get it for only $7 per month.

That favorite clip you want to see again? Want to learn what the Rebbe has to say on Purim, Pride or Prison? Want to catch this week’s Living Torah at your computer.  Have a look at Living Torah Online!

Bring Heaven to Earth
10 Shevat, 5711 · January 17, 1951
The Sages state that “All sevenths are cherished.” This is the reason, they explain, why Moses was the one who merited to bring G-d’s Presence into this world – because he was the seventh from Abraham.

The fact that the seventh is cherished indicates the greatness of the first. What was the unique quality of Abraham? Abraham served G-d with self-sacrifice. “He called out in the Name of G-d, Master of the world” – the Sages explain: Not, “he called out,” but rather “he brought others to call out.”

This self-sacrifice is expected from each of us in the seventh generation. Even if one feels no spiritual strengths within himself, he is nevertheless told: It is not by your own choice that you are the seventh generation – you have the strength by the very fact that you are the seventh. You must realize how cherished you are, and how much has been invested in you. You will then fulfill your part in the mission to draw G-d’s essence into this material world…

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