iTC Calc

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iTC Calc is the perfect companion for any producer, post-production producer, editor, Flame or After Effect artists and everyone who need to deal with timecode and frames.

iTC Calc is build with a gorgeous yet very intuitive interface. It supports most standard frame rates including 24 fps, 25 fps, 29.97 DF and more…

With iTC Calc, you can work the way you like. Just choose the mode that suits yours needs best: Simple or Complete. Simple lets you concentrate on pure calculation while Complete unleashes the full power of iTC Calc. And since iTC Calc supports the accelerometer of your iPhone, you are just a turn away of each mode.

Simple includes an offset calculator, a timecode-frame converter and standard mathematical operations. Complete introducing additional exclusive features such as a duration calculator, a vari-speed calculator and Touch History in addition to all the features that Simple provides. The duration calculator let you obtain durations and TRT fast & easy. Touch History shows you all your precedents results for quick review and let you recall any of them by tapping on it.

With Swipe Backspace, just swipe your finger on the timecode screen from left to right and you will erase the wrong digit you just entered. Need to remove more than one? No problem! You can swipe until you clear the whole screen.

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  • iTC Calc [is] an incredibly helpful addition to [editors’] toolkit” – Larry Jordan –
  • iTC Calc is one of the best timecode calculator yet” – Scott Simmons –
  • I have tried to review several [timecode calculators] iPhone apps in the past and I always had trouble with them crashing. Not this one.” – John DeMaio –
  • iTC Calc is not for everyone. It’s a niche iPhone application designed for production professionals. If you belong to that group, you are going to love iTC Calc” – – 5 stars!
  • iTC Calc offers great value (…) making it one of the best Time Code utility apps!” Touch Reviews


  • 2 modes: Simple and Complete
  • supports 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50 & 60 frames rate
  • converts between timecode and frame
  • Swipe Backspace
  • Vari-Speed Calculator
  • Touch History
  • offset utility
  • duration utility
  • TRT (total running time) calculator
  • gorgeous & very intuitive interface

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Category: Productivity
Released: December 06, 2010
Publisher: KPL Production Services
Price: $4.99 (buy app)




iPad only

Released: February 02, 2011
Price: $6.99 (buy now)

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