Israeli Startup Parento Helps Parents Disconnect From Work And Their Phones And Spend More Time With Their Kids.

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odaddyAll over the developed world, it’s often lamented how our mobile, plugged-in culture has made it harder for parents to spend quality time with their children. Anyone who has visited Israel, or knows Israelis, will be aware how family-oriented they are. But many Israelis also find it challenging to balance an increasingly lopsided work-life equation.

Israeli startup Parento developed the app O’Daddy for iOS and Android – to help parents disconnect from work and their phones and spend more time with their kids. Some of the app features include measuring quality time spent with your children and blocking distracting notifications and traffic so your playtime won’t be disturbed, giving tips and ideas for age and location appropriate activities and games, and sending tailored push notifications to remind you to leave the office so you’ll be home in time to interact with your child.

Co-Founder and CEO of O’Daddy, Oded Israeli, said that the inspiration for the app came after the birth of his daughter when he was forced to leave his smartphone out of the hospital nursery. In a statement, Israeli said, “It was clear to me that nothing is more important than my kids, and that when spending time with them, everything else can, and should, wait.” This is an inspiring sentiment that, thanks to O’Daddy, more people may be able to live up to. (source: Geektime)

Missing ideas for quality time activities with your kids? Missing focus and balance in your life as a father, mother, husband or wife? O’Daddy is the app for you. Get new ideas today and every day for fun activities to enjoy with your son or daughter. For each activity, get nearby locations and discounts.

O’Daddy creates quality time for parents and kids in several ways

  • Creating time: ODaddy helps you secure time with your kids through intelligent reminders. Balance work, life and smartphone usage better. Instead of missing your kids, get home earlier to play with them.
  • Suggesting ideas for activities tailored to your kids: O’Daddy gives you ideas for fun activities that your kids would love! O’Daddy matches quality time ideas for your son, daughter, or grandchild based on their ages, your location and the smarts of other parents. Let your kids play with O’Daddy and pick up their favorite activities for your family time together.
  • Finding the best locations and deals near you: Whether you’re hanging out in your neighborhood or traveling with the family to another city, ODaddy is the easy way to find the best places for outdoor activities and the best coupons and discounts to redeem.
  • Focusing on your kids, not your smartphone: ODaddy helps parents focus on their kids during quality time. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and click the O’Daddy button to measure how long you can part from your device.
  • Tracking quality time: Track your family quality time and work-life balance. ODaddy tells you how much time you’ve been home every day and every week and what activities you’ve enjoyed with your each of your children. Log the fun time you had to get better recommendations for quality time next time around!

App:   O’Daddy – Ideas and Focus for Parents By Parento Ltd.
Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Lifestyle
Updated: April 04, 2016
Publisher:  Parento Ltd.
Price: Free  (get app)

Android version – here

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