Israeli Startup Moovit Launches Crowdsourced Public Transport App In The UK

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Few days ago Israeli startup Moovit announced the beta launch of its crowdsourced app for public transport information in the UK, including complete coverage across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Already operating in the US, Canada, and Western Europe, Moovit is the first public transport application to harness the power of the crowd, using real-time user-generated information to improve public transport trip planning and navigation.

Public transport currently ignores the best source of data we have … the public” said Nir Erez, Moovit CEO. “Moovit is redefining the way we create and access public transport information by giving the power back to the public.

Moovit was founded in Israel in 2011 and since launching in 2012, the app has amassed over 500,000 downloads. In addition to schedules, trip planning, and step-by-step navigation, Moovit collects and shares crowdsourced data with the user community in real-time. Simply by riding with the application open, users contribute real-time speed and location data about their trip. Users can also send reports including overcrowding, cleanliness, WiFi availability, and driver rankings. The more people use Moovit, the better the real-time data becomes, improving the app for the whole community.

No other app in the UK is able to offer real-time transport data across all regions and transport modes,” explains Nir Erez. “For the first time, Moovit provides a single app experience on all buses, trains, tube, rail, and trams across the UK.

Beta users can enjoy complete trip planning based on scheduled data across all transport modes across England, Scotland and Wales. During the 4-6 week beta period, Moovit optimises the system based on user data and feedback and integrates real-time data feeds from operators where available.

The UK is the latest area to join Moovit’s 30 international locations, including  Australia (Sydney), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro), Israel, and the Netherlands. (via Embassy of  Israel in UK)

The app is free for iPhone and Android.


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