Israeli President Shimon Peres Held A Live Conversation With The Arab World Over The Internet

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President Peres conducted a live interview with the Arab news website Panet and answered questions from Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

In an effort to reach out to the wider Arab world, President Shimon Peres held a live conversation over the internet last Friday with people living in many of the countries that are at odds with the state of Israel.

President Shimon Peres turned to the Arab world, and attempted to reach Arabs living around the world in a forum wherein they were able to ask him questions directly through the internet. The webcast allowed the president to speak with people living in a diverse set of countries including Iran, Syria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, as well as in Jordan and Egypt.

The session was held  at the ‘Panet ’ studios in the Israeli Arab city of Taybe, where Peres was watch by thousands of viewers from every country around the Arab world and Iran. As with many mass web events, the website crashed at first due to the weight of the massive viewership.

Among the points that the president attempted to convey to the viewers was that he thinks that Israel should not be seen as a problem by the Arab world. He spoke to his vision of the ‘New Middle East’, where Israel and its neighbors could help each other to advance. He told viewers that, ‘the peace will arrive sooner than you are thinking’. Peres said that Israel should not be considered to be divider between the two worlds.

In touching on the negotiations that are ongoing with the Palestinians, giving his support for the process and reiterating the need to reach a two state solution with each people receiving their own territory on which to grow their state. In discussing the Two State Solution, Peres discussed the achievements made on the issue, saying that, ‘We have already reached an important accomplishment: everybody agrees on the ideal situation, We all have come to the same solution, two states for two peoples. It was not always like this. There are still disagreements on certain issues, and everything can be negotiated. However, if all the details were already agreed upon, then we would not need to negotiate. It was the same with Egypt and Jordan.  The goal of the negotiations is to build a bridge over the disputes. I have no dobut that peace will come sooner than we are expecting’.

(via Jerusalem OnlinePhoto: YouTube screenshot)



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