Israeli Firm Developing A New Smartphone App To Help People From Getting Kidnapped

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A new free smartphone app to help people from getting kidnapped is currently being developed in Israel.

As Israeli police and security forces search for three kidnapped Israeli teenagers  – the Shomron Regional Council is working on an app that will enable people in danger to report their location to authorities, without actually picking up the phone and placing a call.

The council has reportedly hired a NowForce, which develops apps to help rescue personnel deal with emergencies, to upgrade a current app already in circulation so that rather than having to contact police and report a location during an emergency, one can transmit your location with a simple push of a button.

The app represents the kind of simple and cheap technology, available right now, that can be easily deployed to prevent situations like last week’s kidnappings,” told Arik Yekuel, the former head of technology for the Israel Police.

According to David Shamah, from Startup Israel, “the network will go live this week, enabling anyone who registers to immediately alert police, local security officials, family members and emergency response workers when they face an emergency on the road, such as a kidnapping attempt“.

This app has been available for our subscription clients for several years,” said NowForce spokesperson Julie Zuckerman. “In the wake of the grievous incident, in which three Israeli teens were kidnapped, we decided to release this to the general public for free as a way to boost the personal safety of Israelis all around the country.

Watch a video explaining how NowForce works

(via JPost and Startup Israel; Photo credit: NowForce)

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