Israeli Businesses Are Under Fire, Buy Products And Services From Businesses In The South Of Israel [Facebook Page And Android App]

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Following three weeks of intense rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, a group of dedicated Israeli citizens has banded together to form Israeli Businesses Under Fire, an initiative aimed at preventing the recent escalation with Hamas from destroying the economy of southern Israel.

Israeli Businesses Under Fire allows people from across the world the opportunity to purchase goods and services from Israeli businesses located within 40 kilometers of the Gaza Strip. Users are encouraged to make purchases for themselves, residents of southern Israel, units engaged in combat, and wounded soldiers. It also allows users the opportunity to book “virtual meals” and “virtual vacations” in an effort to aid businesses and families suffering from the economic effects of the constant threat of rocket attacks.

Israeli businesses located near the Gaza Strip have suffered dramatic losses as a result of the more than 2,500 missiles launched at Israeli territory since the beginning of the recent escalation. Retail sales in southern Israeli population centers such as Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim, Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, and Ashkelon have declined by up to 70% while tourism has declined by up to 60%. Missiles have also caused an as yet unknown amount of crop damage and many small businesses face the imminent threat of bankruptcy.

In response to these events, Monika Lev Cohen, a former emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel to the United States, formed Israeli Businesses Under Fire. The initiative is an independent and a-political effort in which more than fifty volunteers from across the world have contacted hundreds of businesses located near the Gaza Strip, verified their location and contact information, and translated these details into English. The initiative is not affiliated with any outside organization and receives no portion of the funds transmitted.

If you care about the Israeli economy and its residents, you can help immediately – buy products and services from businesses in the south of Israel.

Call a business which is located in Southern Israel (or go online) and purchase a product or a service. You can also send the purchased products to soldiers on the front line via Israelis who will deliver it voluntarily or send them directly to the anxious families of our brave soldiers.

Visit Facebook page Israeli Businesses are Under Fire or check their website out.

If you know Hebrew there is also an Android app with the map and information about Israeli businesses in Southern Israel (in Hebrew only).  App is called Mapjan. With this app you will find businesses in Southern Israel you can deal with, you can also easily create and share custom maps (this is a beta release).

App:  Mapjan by GRG


Released: July 31, 2014
Size: 3M
Price: Free (Google Play Link)

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