Israel Preparing For A New Cyber Attack

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Members of the Anonymous organization announced that they interrupted hundreds of thousands of websites and infiltrated hundreds of email  accounts,  but  the  Shabak  did  not  identify  any serious  damage.   At this stage,  the attack  can  be  summed up as  attempts  to sabotage or overflow a  few dozen websites,  which  is  reflected  in a slowdown of activity.

Despite claims from the hacker organization Anonymous that they broke into hundreds of Israeli websites and caused them to collapse, the Shabak did not identify this morning significant damage.  The attempts to sabotage dozens of websites was only marginal.  Until now, the attack can be summed up as an announcement by the organizations’ activists in advance that caused the slowing down of the operation speed of Israeli websites and not more.

In recent days, the cyber unit opened an operations room in the Shabak after different divisions in the authority not only revealed intelligence, but also dealt with thwarting and hurting those that try to sabotage Israeli computer systems. Division personnel briefed in recent days’ dozens of bodies that are defined as critical how to prepare for and avoid harm.

According to Anonymous, the fallen sites include the website of the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Airport Authority. However, the Airport Authority emphasizes that contrary to the reports; the general website has not been compromised and functions normally. A number of sites were conquered where an image appeared that looked like the Palestinian flag, but it occurred on insignificant sites that don’t have a significant flow of traffic. Simultaneously, the Israeli Finance Ministry stressed that Israeli governmental websites were working in recent days and continue to function like normal.

In one of the sites harmed as a result of the international attack, a medical website in Israel that was broken into stated, “Welcome Israel, you are dealing with the wrong people. We relate to each additional death of Palestinians as a personal attack upon the organization and will respond to it quickly and without warnings.

The hackers furthermore argue that they broke into the email accounts of 25,000 Israeli citizens. Most of the attacks are categorized as a denial of access that is said to be created by an overflow to prevent entry to the website. The security organizations and government raised the alert level prior to the attack. Employees implemented many precautions, primarily the recommendations that apply to everyone such as replacing passwords and not opening emails from unknown senders. It is appraised that most of the sites that were harmed during the course of the day have a weak security system.

Rachel Avraham

(via  JerusalemOnline, Photo Credit: IDF Spokespersons Unit)



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