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Israel HaYom“, the most widely-read newspaper in Israel,  just got its own iPad app.

Israel HaYom (Hebrew: ישראל היום‎, lit. “Israel Today“) is an Israeli national Hebrew-language free daily newspaper first published on July 30, 2007 and currently published in Tabloid format. The name is a variation of the popular USA Today, though there is no relation between the two publications.

It has the largest daily circulation in Israel with a market share that rose in the last half of 2009 from 23.2 to 26.6 percent.and currently stands at 35.2%. In July 2010, Israel HaYom surpassed Yediot Aharonot in rate of exposure in the semi-annual TGI survey with a rate of 35.2% compared with Yediot’s 34.9% After only a few months of publication of a weekend edition, it scored it 25.7% of exposure compared with Yediot’s 43.7% rate. Today Israel HaYom has a readership of 35.2% compared with Yediot’s 34.9%.

At the time of its launch, the newspaper, owned by Sheldon Adelson, competed directly with Israeli, another free daily previously co-run by Adelson, which later became defunct. In October 2009, a weekend edition has been launched.

Chief editor is Amos Regev. Publicist Dan Margalit left Maariv to join Israel HaYom.

Israel HaYom has been complimented by other journalists for its unbaised slant (even if  tending to a right-wing political view), while being criticized by others. Ben-Dror Yemini has described it as  “a danger to democracy”.

Publisher’s note

The most widely-read newspaper in Israel, delivering high-quality news, analysis and commentary Sunday-Friday, including a weekend edition.

Founded in July 2007, Israel HaYom has quickly become Israeli’s foremost newspaper. We believe in journalism that speaks, not shouts, giving our readers fair and balanced news reports as well as quality analysis and commentary.
We promise to offer a superior alternative to existing media; to be a tenacious but unbiased newspaper; to report all the news while remembering all the while that that we are Israelis, first and foremost.

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Updated: February 07, 2011
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