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via “There’s an app for that.” It’s a phrase that has become part of American culture. Now, there’s an app that was created by a clever and creative kid. At 11-years old, he’s one of the youngest ever to develop an iPhone app.

Cameron Cohen is similar to most kids. He likes playing video games and sports. But Cameron isn’t playing games when it comes to his computer. In fact, he’s already a tech whiz. Not even a teen yet, Cohen just created what many adults dream of, an iPhone application that’s getting worldwide attention. It’s called the iSketch.

“The iSketch is like a painting and drawing program. You just touch your finger to the screen and draw and there’s all different colors and brushes and all kinds of other features,” explained Cohen.

This is the happy ending to a rough period for Cameron and his family. He was out of school most of last year after doctors found a tumor in his leg.

“To be a parent and watch him go what he was going through it’s just really difficult,” said Cameron’s dad Jeff.

“The doctor and my parents said it was benign, it wasn’t cancerous, so I was feeling better about that,” said Cameron.

But for 9 months he was forced to stay home in a full leg cast after the tumor was removed. So he came up with the idea for the iPhone application out of boredom.

“I just got on the computer one day and googled ‘how do I create an iPhone application,'” said Cameron.

After some trial and error, he eventually came up with iSketch.

“I planned what the initial interface and layout would be like and I brainstormed somewhat what the code would be like. I created all the graphics myself,” explained Cameron.

Cameron is sharing his good fortune.

The majority of the money from the purchase of his app goes to the pediatric unit at the hospital where he was treated.

“After having such great care at the hospital, I knew there were other kids at the hospital that were less fortunate than I and I wanted to give back and do something to make them feel better,” Cameron said.

The app, which came out in early December, features different brush sizes, colors and allows users to save and send their drawings. It costs 99 cents. Cameron says he plans to create more apps so he can donate more funds to the hospital.

Cohen’s website

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