iPhone App Of A Theater Performance The Good And The True, Performed by Svandovo Theater, Prague

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The Good And The True” is an official application of a theater performance The Good and the True, internationally performed by Svandovo Theater Prague, Czech Republic.

This is the story of two people who went through the same places and experienced similar tragedies – and yet they never met. The pathes of their lifes crossed each other but also passed each other.  Athlete Milos Dobry and actress Hana Pravda spent their working lives building suspense, knocking crowds into submission and drawing gasps from their onlookers. Both survived Auschwitz and witnessed murder first hand. Did they both have exceptional strength of character and an iron will or was their survival just ‘good luck’.

A remarkable piece of verbatim theater, ‘The Good and the True’ weaves the true testimonies of two extraordinary people in an English adaptation, translated from the award-winning production ‘Shoah’ and directed by Daniel Hrbek for the Svandovo Theater, Prague.

Actress Isobel Pravda is the granddaughter of survivor Hana Pravda and plays her grandmother for the first time on stage.  Actor Saul Reichlin is an award-winning actor whose own one-man play Shalom Alechem has been performed in the West End, Broadway and most major European Countries.

Supported by London Czech Centre, Czech Ambassador and Embassy of the Czech Republic,Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic, The City of Prague, Holocaust Memorial DayTrust, Peter Briesse

“A remarkable piece of verbatim theater!” — Yorkshire Evening Post
“An unbearably explicit story you will remember long after you leave the theater.” — The Jewish Telegraph

Svandovo Theater is one of the oldest drama theaters in Prague. It´s focused on contemporary plays and also on the bold adaptation of classics. Besides its own repertoire Svandovo Theater also offers a wide range of supporting events such as concerts, talk shows, independent theater group productions, stage readings, public workshops and productions for children, which per year comes to more than 450 events.

App:  The Good and The True by AVANTEA s.r.o.

Compatible:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Entertainment
Released: January 13, 2014
Publisher:  AVANTEA s.r.o.
Price: Free (get app)

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