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iParashah is the ultimate source that brings to your iPhone/iPod Touch all you need to know about each weekís Torah portion, as well as a Gregorian to Hebrew date converter. All is beautifully presented with an easy to use interface.

The weekly Torah portion (Hebrew – Parashat ha Shavua, popularly called Parashah) is a section of the Torah (Hebrew Bible) read every Shabbat (and Holiday) in Jewish services.

Here’s how it works: Just select a Parashah by name, by date, or go directly to the upcoming Parashah. We even included the special Torah portions that are read if the Shabbat falls on a Jewish Holiday.

In addition to a summary of the Parashah, and the corresponding Haftorah summary and Hebrew/English text, you also get the entire Torah text of each Parashah. Itís like having the entire Torah in the palm of your hand. And better yet, since all text and data comes with the application, there is no need for internet connection, so you can use iParashah anywhere.

Each Parashah includes:

  • Brief summary of the story in the Parashah
  • Torah text in Hebrew & English linear translation
  • Corresponding Haftorah summary and Hebrew/English text

Additional features:

  • Browse Parashah by name, by date (view the closest Shabbat’s Parashah for the selected date), or go directly to the upcoming Parashah
  • When a Shabbat falls on a Jewish Holiday, the special Torah portion for this Holiday is displayed
  • Read Torah text in linear Hebrew/English translation (+ landscape mode)
  • Double-click English/Hebrew text part to zoom-in for clear and easy reading
  • Gregorian to Hebrew date converter
  • Complete Parashah and Haftorah summary and Text for Jewish Holidays
  • No Internet connection needed
  • Portrait and Landscape view options

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Reference
Released: Feb 19, 2010
Publisher: Arie Jacobi
© JACA Software Solutions Inc.
Price: $4.99 (buy app)




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