iOS6 Apple Maps Feature Shows No Capital City For The State Of Israel

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The map included in Apple’s new iOS6 operating system reportedly does not show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Every other country on the map has its capital listed, The Algemeiner reported Tuesday. The world clock included in the operating system lists Jerusalem without an affiliated country.

According to the new Apple Maps application, Israel has no capital city.

The World Clock function, which allows users to pick a city and set the time on their device according to the local time zone, lists Jerusalem as a city with no affiliated country. 

In the newly released Apple Maps, capital cities are noted with encircled 5-point stars, and Israel is the only country with no such notation, the paper said.


Apple’s mapping program, which replaced Google Maps as the default application on the iPhone 5 released last week, has been widely panned by users because of missing or inaccurate information.

Apple has said the intuitive program will improve over time with use.

Please join campaign “Amend Apple Maps to list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” – click here.

Is it political statement or programmers just have made a mistake? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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