Insomniac City

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Israeli movie “The Insomniac City Cycles”  is a cyclical cinematic project that originated in 2004 as a 40 minute video installation and is now the last and final chapter reshaped with additional scenes into a stand alone feature.

A man wakes up with a bullet wound in an abandoned parking garage in Tel Aviv, having lost his memory and a gun. As the man struggles to recall his recent past, a woman wakes up in a Shanghai hotel from a similar dream.

A fragmented conversation with a stranger on the phone sets off a strange exploration between the two. Tel Aviv and Shanghai in a movie within a movie and a dream within a dream.

Through a fragmented non linear stream of events that encompass day and night, Tel Aviv and Shanghai are spliced through a vague notion of reality, chaotic observations, drifting between physical and mental spheres, between the known reality and a hallucinatory one. The film blends urban spaces and modes of perception, oscillating between film noir and science fiction, documentary and fiction.Through a probe of memory, an exploration of the city spaces takes place, processing the city as experienced through an obscure labyrinth of memory fighting to distinguish real from unreal.

The Cycles” explores various scenarios of two cities in transit shift and decay while checking boundaries of inner and external worlds, documentary and fiction, present dream and future.

In “The Insomniac City Cycles” Ran Slavin explores a world with internal logic built on the axis of memory the real and the fantastic. It is a travel through dream structures, events and un-foldings that inventively blend mystery, neo-noir and science fiction genres with experimental film making techniques  (via 972 Films).

(Israel / China 2009), Experimental Fiction / 70 minutes / PAL
Written, directed and produced by Ran Slavin

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