Insights On The Purim Story From From The Just Jew It! Digital Magazine

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In latest issue of  Just Jew It!  Magazine, insights on the Purim story are told through different lenses to highlight the distinct nature of the holiday.  Marked by miraculous events that appear to have occurred through natural means and outstanding coincidences, the intrinsic force of  Purim is available to us when we celebrate this year on Saturday night,  March 15th and Sunday, March 16th.

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg asks how it’s possible that the Jewish people did not abandon Torah and Judaism at that time even there’s every logical reason to suggest they should have. And  Rabbi  Tzvi  Nightingale  highlights  Queen Esther’s  reluctance to step up to the plate – how and why did she do what she did to save the Jewish people?

In her insightful prose about Jews during the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, Libi Astaire draws a parallel between the essence of the Purim holiday and the expression of their  Jewish loyalty.

May the fulfilment of the wonderful Purim mitzvos we are given to perform; to dress up in fun costumes, to give and receive gifts, to eat, drink, dance and sing, overpower and transform the not-good into good for all the world to see.

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