IDF Cyber Defense Division To Post First ‘Cyberdefense’ Officers To Its Regional Commands

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The Israel Defense Forces is stepping up its efforts on the cyber front and will soon post a “cyberdefense” officer to each of its four regional commands.

Each command — Northern, Southern, Central and Homefront — will be appointed an officer who will be under the direct professional command of the IDF’s Computer Service Directorate, which is responsible for the army’s cyberdefenses. Similar officers are already stationed to several of the army’s other branches.

This Sunday the first of these officers, with the rank of lieutenant, will be posted to Central Command. The Command’s computer services officer, Col. Yariv Nir, explained: “The officer will lead, on the command level, coordination efforts between the Computer Service Directorate’s  Cyber Defense Division and [Central] Command.

Nir added that the officer, who will work in conjunction with the Information Security Department, will be tasked with implementing the department’s decisions and ensuring that only those with security clearance for certain information can access it. In addition, the officer will be responsible for dealing with irregular incidents that occur in the cyber sphere.

There are enough incidents in a year to warrant the appointment of an officer and soldiers to this task. We are also investing considerable energy in prevention, promoting awareness, punishment and technological capabilities so that information isn’t leaked,” said Nir.

(to continue reading this article, click here, via Israel HaYom, Photo credit: Ziv Koren)

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