iComfort – app for the mourners

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Behrman House just released new app called iComfort. This app teaches all the Jewish traditions, rituals, blessings, and prayers for the mourning process.

In the face of death we are confronted by powerful emotions and questions to which we have no answers. This is the time when ritual shows its greatest strength. Jewish tradition recognizes our confused emotions and shows us how to act on them in clearly demarcated stages of mourning. It presents us with a highly structured series of rituals that can help us through our grief and ease us back into the rhythm of life.

iComfort can help you reach out with care and confidence to family or friends who have lost someone they love. If you have yourself lost a loved one, iComfort can help you learn the Kaddish, and calculate the exact dates on which you should recite it.

There is comfort and security in the knowledge that centuries of tradition lie behind each of these practices, as we do what our parents did before us and their parents before them.

Using iComfort you can:

  • Learn how to make a shiva call.
  • Learn how to greet a mourner.
  • Learn or practice the blessings and prayers for mourning.
  • Calculate future Yahrzeit dates automatically.

iComfort is also a perfect tutor for learning to recite the Kaddish.

Includes the Kaddish (mourner’s prayer), Keriah (the ritual of tearing one’s clothes), and Ha’mokom (how to greet a mourner). Touch-n-Read technology lets you hear every word individually as you read along. And the auto-record feature lets you listen to yourself practice.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Lifestyle
Released: February 01, 2011
Publisher: Jeremy Poisson © Behrman House
Price: $1.99  (buy app)

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