iBless Food: Lookup Guide For The Hebrew Blessings Recited Before And After Eating [Update]

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Davka Corporation has been released iBless Food 2.0 app for the iPhone and iPod touch, a major update to its popular lookup guide for the Hebrew blessings recited before and after eating.

The new version of the app includes an expanded list of over 500 different foods, including appetizers, main courses, fruits, vegetables, snacks and desserts. In addition, users can now add their own food listings to the database, and designate which blessings are recited before and after eating these foods. The app also includes graphics updated for the iPhone’s retina display.

Finding the correct blessing is easy, either by scrolling through the alphabetical listing of foods, or by typing the name of the food in the search box. When the food name is shown, the names of the blessings recited both before and after eating, appears on screen. An additional tap will display the full text of the blessing in Hebrew and English transliteration. The blessing is chanted, and each word is highlighted on screen as it is read. iBless Food includes the text and audio of the blessings recited before and after eating, as well as the text of the Grace After Meals.

The app also includes a quiz, and additional information about the customs and practices of the blessings.

iBless Food is ideal for on-the-go individuals who need a handy reference guide to the proper food blessings and for anyone who wants to expand his or  her  knowledge of  Jewish traditions.

Download app and read our original review here.

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