…I Am Seeing Technology as Enslaver And I Need To Get Liberated

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As I sit here trying to think of a blog topic, I realize that I have been on email and using my iPad, my iPhone, listening to bells and whistles of my wife’s Blackberry for so long, that I take it for granted. Harriet complains that I don’t look at her because I am checking the dings from my phone, computer, iPad, etc. I am driven to distraction by technology, tv, you name it. I have to be doing more than one thing at a time! I say I am multi-tasking, the Truth is, I can’t concentrate on one thing for too long, unless it captivates me. I get bored easy and quickly.

I make a public T’Shuvah to anyone and everyone who has felt ignored by my “multi-tasking.” I realize how much of a put off this is and, in my constant compulsion/addiction to Redemption, I cannot continue this way of being. I may have to be interrupted and/or called away for an emergency and I will not distract myself with my toys when we are meeting, etc.

I bring this up because we all have seen people talking out loud walking an the street and thought they were either nuts or talking to us only to find out he/she is talking to someone on their Bluetooth! We get to hear everyone’s business when we want to or not! We all give in to our Narcissism by thinking we can talk as loud as we want and use our phones, answer emails, etc. no matter where we are and/or who we are with! This is not connection; it is distraction!!

I am one of those people. I do this and commit to do better about being present when I am with people. I am so into this aspect of my being that I am seeing Technology as Enslaver/Egypt and I need to get liberated from my obsession to distraction. I am so excited that on March 18, 2013 Cambria Gordon, an expert on distraction and technology will be speaking at a dinner and learning at  Beit T’Shuvah 8831 Venice Blvd. Cambria and I will engage in a discussion on how to leave the Enslaver and Egypt.

One of the examples of the wisdom of the Haggadah is that we are told we are “obligated to see ourselves as if we left Egypt.” Technology can be our Egypt this year.  Multi-Tasking may be our Egypt this year.  Join us to find your Egypt this year so you can help us and allow us to help you to Freedom! ” (via Jewish Journal).

By Rabbi Mark Borovitz


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