HaShem – Search for Me (Tehillim 119:176)

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“I have strayed like a lost sheep – Seek, your servant,  for I have not  forgotten Your Mitzvoth.”

Under the blazing desert sun, a lost sheep searches for his flock. As the sheep wanders over the endless sands, the scorching heat quickly depletes his strength.  Lacking the knowledge to find his flock, his only hope is for his shepherd to rescue him.

King David compared his spiritual situation to the lost sheep, “Just as the sheep lost his way, so too, I have lost the way and do not know the proper path that I should take. My situation is as hapless as a lost sheep in the desert. Just as the sheep thirsts for water to drink, so too, I have no water for my soul to drink.”

Therefore, he cried out to HaShem,  his  Shepherd,  “Seek, your servant, meaning, I have lost the trail. Since I am your servant, please show me the way, “for I have not forgotten Your Mitzvoth.”

Yet, if he has “not forgotten the Mitzvoth,” why did he say that he lost his way?

Even though King David was a great and holy tzadik, nevertheless, he knew that at times the negative impulse influenced him in thought or deed. He felt that since he was missing total perfection, he was distant from the shade of Torah and the cool waters of its wells.

In his humility, he likened his situation to a lost sheep.  He called out to his “Shepherd” to seek him out and return him to the correct path.  May we observe the Mitzvoth and pray to HaShem to save us from the machinations of the yetzer hora. Consequently, He will purify our hearts and lead us to the upright path (based on the commentary of the Metzudas David to Tehillim)

Today: Ask HaShem to illuminate for you the path of goodness.

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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