Halli Galli

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AMIGO Family Games and iPhSoft Mobile Development released Halli Galli 1.0.2, the new game series for your iPhone and iPod touch. For almost two decades, Halli Galli, the game about the bell, has been played by millions around the world.

Now, Halli Galli is set to conquer the world of smart phones as well: Halli Galli game series is now available as an app for the iPhone and iPod touch and already been choosen by Apple as ‘New and Noteworthy’ on both the card and family games categories! Included are all of the games in the series: Halli Galli Classic, Junior and Extreme.

Each of the three games features a Multi-player mode as well as Single player. This allows one player to face three AI players, two players to face each other on the same device or up to four players to play on several devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A special highlight is the Arcade mode, where you can enjoy Halli Galli as a fast-paced game against the clock. An international leader boards (using both Apple’s new Game Center and the popular OpenFeint) allows players to prove themselves against other Halli Galli players from all over the world.

About the Halli Galli card game:
A bell in the middle of the table and a stack of cards for each player – that’s all you need to play a game of Halli Galli. The 2 to 4 players take turns turning over the cards in front of them. Varying numbers of bananas, plums, strawberries and limes show on the cards. When exactly five fruits of the same kind can be seen, players race to be the first to ring the bell in order to win all face-up card piles. You’ll only win this turbulent game if you manage to hold on to your own cards and win the others of the other players!

If you’ve really caught the Halli Galli bug, you can now meet like-minded people online in a digital social network, as well: soon, a new Halli Galli page will be launched on Facebook, where all fans old and new can exchange information and will regularly be supplied with all the latest Halli Galli news.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Category: Card, Family
Released: September 08, 2010
Publisher: Yinon Yamin © iPhSoft and Haim Shafir
Price: $1.99 (buy app)

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