Grogger Factory

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Purim is a joyous occasion. It’s a time for celebration, laughter, and noise.  It’s time to go to the factory… The GROGGER Factory!

Groggers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and they make different noises and sounds. That’s why we built Grogger Factory, to give you the power to control your grogger’s look, feel, and sound! Here’s how it works:

1. Click on “factory” to customize your grogger with multiple options
2. Choose a “background” image
3. Head back to the home screen and give your grogger a spin!


– 3D Spinning Action!
– 4 Grogger Models
– 5+ Grogger Textures
– 5+ Grogger Noises
– 5+ Backgrounds


CLEVELAND, OHIO – The time-honored tradition of Jewish matchmaking isn’t just for marriage anymore. Clevelanders Stuart Rubin and Brad Kleinman were introduced by a mutual friend via email based on their shared interest in developing Jewish-themed ‘apps’ for Apple Inc.’s iPhone. After exchanging a few emails, a date was set at a local diner. Rubin, a software engineer, and Kleinman, a digital marketing entrepreneur, knew it was a match at their first meeting.

The pair decided to utilize their collective talents to develop unique Jewish iPhone applications. For their first project, Rubin and Kleinman worked together to develop Grogger Factory, an app for the festive Jewish holiday of Purim. Featuring a customizable noisemaker, or grogger, the pair designed the app as a perfect self-expression tool for Purim celebrants of all ages.

Grogger Factory enables users the ability to build their own unique grogger by choosing among multiple models, textures, background graphics and sounds. The three dimensional grogger is realistic, and the experience is enhanced by the user actually shaking their iPhone to give the grogger a spin.

Grogger Factory is even ‘rabbi-approved’. “This is wonderful Jewish ingenuity to make modern technology applicable to Jewish tradition,” said Rabbi Arnold Stiebel of Los Angeles, California.

Kleinman believes that Grogger Factory will move the ages-old celebration of Purim into the 21st century. “Imagine hundreds of congregants shaking their own iPhone grogger during the Purim celebration!” he said.

Prior to meeting, Rubin, an Orange Village, Ohio resident, created ‘Lulav Wizard’ in which users can shake a virtual lulav, and learn about the holiday of Sukkot. Mayfield-based Kleinman, meanwhile, had teamed up with his grandmother Netty last year to build ‘iGavolt,’ the iPhone app that, as he says, “…puts a Jewish grandmother in your pocket.” Both apps have since been downloaded by hundreds of iPhone and iPod Touch users around the world.

Now that Kleinman and Rubin have successfully brought Grogger Factory to market, the two plan to continue their relationship by continuing to collaborate on Jewish iPhone application development.

Photo “Cleveland Jewish News

Compatible iPhone, iPod Touch

Category: Lifestyle
Released: January 16, 2010
Publisher: Stuart F Rubin
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