German Cartoonist Caricatured Mark Zuckerberg As A Long-Nosed Octopus Controlling The World… And Apologizes

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Süddeutsche Zeitung  (the same paper which apologized  for a cartoon demonizing Israel last year)  apologized on Twitter  for another anti-Semitic-themed cartoon.

As a comment on Facebook’s acquisition of  WhatsApp, German cartoonist  Burkhard Mohr depicted Mark Zuckerberg, the 29-year-old Jewish entrepreneur, as an octopus grasping at computers around him.  One of  his tentacles holds the logo of  Whatsapp.

The caption read, “’Krake Facebook’ – Facebook Octopus and Zuckerberg Octopus.”

With its exaggerated features, including a long nose and thick lips, the cartoon octopus resembles in more ways than one the cartoons published by the rabidly anti-Semitic Julius Streicher in his Nazi-era Der Stuermer magazine.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has protested the depiction, but Mohr denied harboring any anti-Semitic sentiments. Forced to explain himself, Mohr told the  Jerusalem Post the cartoon was his take on Facebook acquiring WhatsApp.  The caricature, he said, wasn’t intended to be viewed as an expression of anti-Semitism or as a personal attack on Zuckerberg, adding,

I am sorry that it led to this misunderstanding and hurt the feelings of some readers.

However, Mohr has replaced the caricature of Zuckerberg’s face with a gaping maw, and the newspaper tweeted on Monday, “We apologize for the cartoon.

Zuckerberg was raised Jewish but describes himself as an atheist.

Isn’t  it time for Mark Zuckerberg to realize he should also ban the anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial hate pages gaining so many ‘likes’ on Facebook?

(more at Honest Reporting, JTADaily Mail)




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