From iPhone to TV

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“Moov”, the world’s first compact device allowing for real-time wireless HD transmission of video from iPhone to TV

Olion” – Israeli start-up created “Moov”  –  compact and lightweight sleeve, which fits onto any iPhone and allows users to wirelessly transmit the content on their iPhone screen and applications to their TV, with crystal clear resolution, and in real-time.

Olion’s Moov created a big buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This new innovative product exclusively designed by Olion using WHDI technology (Wireless Home Digital Interface), was introduced for the first time this month at the CES, causing great interest and excitement among many of the show’s attendees.

Moov is a unique and compact sleeve which easily slides onto the iPhone, and enables users to simultaneously stream their iPhone content onto their TV. The unit design combines a rechargeable external battery inside a protective hard shell case, with an ultra-thin, light-weight, and low profile design.

Currently, comparable technologies only allow for transferring files from the iPhone to Wi-Fi enabled televisions, but none enable real-time transmission. This new revolutionary technology will enable users to use their iPhone screen on-line, and in real time – allowing for a plethora of new applications, and a new and unprecedented experience in real-time gaming. Gaming users will now be able to upgrade their user experience dramatically by playing their favorite iPhone games on the “big” screen. Other applications include photo sharing, business presentations and emails, watching movies and You-Tube videos with no need for timely download.

Other features of the Moov design include a rechargeable battery case which acts as a handy power back-up for the iPhone. Moov users will now be able to enjoy the iPhone on the go for hours, without the worry of running out of power.

In addition to the iPhone, Olion is currently developing similar models compatible with the next generation of Android powered Smart Phones.

Olion Ltd. was founded and is managed by Shlomi Arbel – an industry veteran and expert in the area of  Wireless HD and RF technologies.  An engineering design, consultancy, and manufacturing service provider in the area of WHDI and Wireless HD technology – Olion assists OEMs and ODMs upgrade their technologies to the latest Wireless HD standards and capabilities.

Olion is currently seeking to team up with consumer electronic OEMs, ODMs, or mobile accessory manufacturers, who would be interested to manufacture and distribute MooV globally.  For interested parties please contact or visit for more info.
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