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Frogiz was born for the iPhone.  It was born with a deep passion and love to the small touch screen platforms that opened a new exciting domain for game developers.

The game was created by Haim Shafir, one of the most prolific board games inventors with a few legendary best sellers such as Halli Galli and Taki.  Like most of Shafir’s ideas, Frogiz is simple yet intriguing and provides countless hours of fun and excitement.

So what’s Frogiz all about?
Your objective is to clear the pond from frogs and leaves. There are two types of leaves – round and rectangular and two kinds of frogs – green and pink.

Touching two identical objects which are aligned vertically or horizontally and have no other object between them will make them both disappear!
Frogs can jump over to leaves and leaves can be moved under frogs but no object can be moved into an empty space. Move the leaves and the frogs to make pairs that can be eliminated, clear the pond and jump to the next puzzle.
The game comes with 100 high quality puzzles but you can use the Frogiz Puzzles Designer to design your own puzzles and challenge your friends and family!

See how to play “Frogiz”

– 100 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels
– Two Game Modes: Arcade and Free play
– Hints to help you on the go
– Puzzle Designer + My Puzzles
– OpenFeint Integration: Achievements, Global+Local Leaderboards and more
– Original Music and Sound effects
– Amazing hand-draw frogs, leafs, pond and the surroundings.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Board, Puzzle
Released: June 13, 2010
PublisherYinon Yamin © iPhSoft and Haim Shafir
Price: $0.99 (buy app)

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