Free Surfing In The Middle East [iPad App]

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“Enhanced” hardly does justice to this myth-crushing book. Rogue journalist and self-admitted wave junky Jesse Aizenstat combines his two passions – Middle East politics and surfing–into an eye-popping, jaw-dropping journey that is part insane surf trip, part guerilla journalism, and part political travelogue.

With a goal of carving waves from Israel to Lebanon, Jesse Aizenstat soon finds out that you can’t just surf there. You’ve got to go over an inland desert. Through bloody Syria! From night patrols and rocket craters to the swell-kissed shorelines of these ancient worlds, he takes us on a dangerous, dualistic and frequently debaucherous ride through the absurd ironies that make up the Middle East.

His Jewish background may have earned him a free flight to Israel, but it wouldn’t give him a pass to surf in Hezbollah-controlled South Lebanon. Even navigating the tangled towns and streets of  his ancestral homeland wouldn’t be a cakewalk.  But then again, this dyslexic writer with a maddening lust for annoying truths wasn’t looking for easy,  he was looking for real.

Aizenstat’s Surfing the Middle East application has no peers. It’s adventure journalism living and moving with your fingertips. Its innovations include seamless blending of savage text and slick graphics, a fully narrated chapter, PDF build-outs on everything from military histories to dyslexia, great video segments, slide shows, maps, and links to streaming documentaries.

Aizenstat’s Surfing the Middle East application for the Apple iPad is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” – Matt Kettmann, Senior Editor, The Santa Barbara Independent, and contributor to Time, Smithsonian, Wine Spectator, Sunset, and other magazines.

Watch out! Here comes a college graduate who will take you to places in the Middle East you don’t hear about on CNN. He’s witty, funny, outrageous, and has Mark Twain in his blood. Never has such a journalistic stunt (with surfing!) produced such influential insights into ‘the worlds most combustible region.’ The only question for young Aizenstat is what’s next?” –
Linda Buzzell, career consultant, author and blogger for The Huffington Post

Buy the ticket and take the ride: you’ll never think of the Middle East in the same way again.” – Scott Hulet, Editor, The Surfer’s Journal

If you need a relatively quick read about a modern trip to Israel that is outside Birthright culture, or if you’re really into Jewish surfer bros, then this book is for you.” –


  • Multi-touch interface
  • Over 100 fully interactive pages
  • Reader mode and gallery mode
  • Visual table of contents and pop up navigation bar
  • Imbedded PDFs articles, original documents, maps, audio, pictures, and videos
  • Author-narrated chapter
  • Documentary footage




App:  Surfing the Middle East by Zentro Media

Compatible:  iPad only
Category:  Books
Released:  July 09, 2012
Publisher:  Zentro Media LLC
Price: Free (get app)


Kindle Edition – $12.44 (Buy now)
Hardcover – $12.44 (Order now)


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