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Israel-based SortFix, a young and innovative tech startup founded in 2009 by CEO Amir Lavi and CTO Yohay Barsky to improve search results, recently launched a new Firefox extension for Google (IE and Chrome versions are coming soon).

This extenstion allows users to utilize the startup’s sorting technology right from their browsers. The new Firefox app builds on the company’s existing website and iPad app, also adding a new feature where users can exclude certain terms from the power word results.

Sure, finding facts on a popular band or the newest mp3 player is easy, but trying to find an answer to a more complex question is usually not so simple,” the company’s website explained. “We often couldn’t find exactly what we looked for, or gave-up in the middle. Not only that – when we thought that the search was going to be too complicated, we didn’t even try to look it up. So how do we turn a complicated problem into a child’s play?

It turns out that turning the problem into child’s play was possible through the company’s search algorithm. TechCrunch calls it similar to “having a smarter person sitting over your shoulder saying ‘hey, if you add this extra word to the search terms you may get what you want.’” The search algorithm imitates a professional searcher by scanning and examining results, revealing keywords and terms that create a better question.


Developer’s note: SortFix Search for iPad is a visual sorting search engine. SortFix helps you to describe a longer and detailed search query to retrieve better results.
Conveniently positioned above the classic search results, SortFix’s colorful Add/Remove boxes replace the challenging (+) plus and (-) minus symbols required to improve and filter a search.

In addition,  SortFix adds power to your search skills by analyzing keywords of interest within search engine results, listing them as “Power Words”. “Power Words” are suggested keywords, extracted in real-time from the results set by Sortfix algorithms.

Just touch and drag the “Power Words” to build your own visual query.
Without any research experience or computer savvy, you can finds exactly what you want by dragging and dropping words of interest into the “Add to Search” green box, and irrelevant words into the “Exclude” red box. 

You have just build a detailed search query, press the search button and get new and more focused search results.

• You can always carry on and focusing your search by touching and playing with additional words.
• Play with the words and try different query combinations until you “nail it” and find exactly what you need.
• Don’t use too many words at once. The best way is to add or exclude only a few words at a time, then press the search button, and so on.
• If you are not sure whether a “Power Word” is related or unrelated to your search, just leave it in the “Power Words” grey box.
• As you focus your search query, the “Power Words” will be improved.

iPad only

Category: Productivity
Released: January05, 2011
Publisher: SortFix LTD
Price: Free (get app)

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