Destroy Chametz, Gain Freedom – Free iPhone And Android App Helps Searching, Destroying And Selling Chametz

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“By the first day [of Passover] you must clear out your homes of all leaven.” – Ex. 12:15 (bedikat chametz this year Thursday evening of the April 21).

The custom says to place ten pieces of bread all over the house and then find it. The bread should be packed in a particular way:  first wrapped in some material that burns easily and afterwards in a plastic bag so the crumbs won’t  fall.  Try putting down the whereabouts of the “hidden” bread  pieces to be sure to clear it out of the house.

It is completely obvious for somebody from the apps business to create an app for that as well.

No chametz”  app by guys from RustyBrick was designed with a thought to assisting Jewish mobile devices’ users in the clean-up of the Chametz  before the Passover time.

The application’s divided into three basic parts:  Searching for Chametz, Selling of Chametz, Destroying Chametz.

During each of the three parts you are given a traditional orthodox blessing. You got blessings in English and Hebrew. Using your GPS location the app provides you with appropriate time for searching, stop eating and burning the Chametz.

Rabbi Elozor Barclay & Rabbi Yirzchok Jaeger give the users some historical background alongside with some Jewish laws relating to the activities. Thanks to the app you can more easily find the Chametz.

The app assists you in the process by giving you halakhot, brachot, zmanim, a checklist builder (you design these parts yourself by adding particular locations for searching, you do this by using a “plus” sign in the right upper corner of “Chametz locations” section) and a flash light which is to substitute a traditional candle. Even though, using this modern source of light isn’t in conflict with a halakha, I would rather recommend using a traditional candle light especially that you conduct the search with your children. It’s one of those elements which shows you the way of linking tradition with the modern approach. “Ma’aseh avot siman le-banim” – the deeds of the fathers are an omen for the sons.

The app assists you in selling, the chametz in the right time by placing a link to (as an agent) where you can sell your flour, bread and any remaining Chametz. The Bitul (chametz is no longer in your possession) and Bi’ur (chametz, should be eaten, destroyed or given away before the Pesach) with halakhah, brachot and zmanim provided by the app assist you in the finale process of destroying the Chametz once and for all.

App: No Chametz – Sell, Search, Destroy By RustyBrick


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Reference
Updated: March 10, 2014
PublisherRustyBrick, Inc
Price: Free (get app)

Android version

Updated: March 14, 2013
Price: Free (get app)


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