FoundationStone Hebrew

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FoundationStone is an application to help you learn Hebrew Vocabulary. This is the iPhone/iPad part of an integrated learning suite. Download the Desktop application to create and modify your own wordlists – or use the default 3000+ word list covering the most frequent Hebrew verbs, nouns, adjectives and expressions here. Whatever you choose, the lists are easily exportable to other software, and can be modified by you, and the language statistics the program uses are individualized based on *your* learning.

This low cost application provides the best mobile learning experience of  FoundationStone on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You are connecting to a sophisticated server which presents your word session and tracks your progress. The same ‘velocity’ learning algorithm available in the desktop version. It allows you to review your selected vocabulary on the go.

Remember, (like exercising your body!), frequent short sessions are the most effective way to build your language skills. No language software can miraculously make you fluent overnight. This tool, if you put in the time, has everything you need to help you on that journey.

Full support for niqudot (vowels), and copy and paste with or without niqudot for making notes on your handheld device.

Included is a complete ‘Learn Hebrew’ PDF tutorial in English (Spanish also available).

English primarily, with some support for other languages based on word lists supplied by the FoundationStone user community. If your language translation does not appear, you can translate from the English into your own language, then upload your wordlist and learn from that. Do consider contributing the translations back for the benefit of others.

Support Tip: Some mobile ISPs block ports and dotted decimal internet addresses. To avoid disappointment, check Safari can browse to first before purchase.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Education
Released: January 18, 2011
Publisher: Ben Stitz © FoundationStone
Price: $2.99  (buy app)

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