iHanukkah – Most Comprehensive List Of Hanukkah Themed Apps For Mobile Devices

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hanukkah-iosIt’s Hanukkah time. Time of lighting candles, playing dreidel, and telling the story of Maccabees.

Hanukkah – the eight-day Festival of  Light that begins on the eve of  the 25th of  the Jewish month of  Kislev (this year on November 27) – celebrates, as we learn, the triumph of  light over darkness, of  purity  over adulteration, of  spirituality over materiality.

Hanukkah is a happy and joyous time when we commerate the victory of a small group of  Jewish soldiers over the mighty army of their enemies.

The iTunes App  Store and  Google  Play Store are homes  to  many  apps  that  can  help you celebrate the Festival of Lights on your  mobile  devices  (Windows Phone users – click here).

History and Customs

hanukkah-countdown-iconAre you ready for Hanukkah? This simple app shows you the number of days, hours, and minutes remaining until the start of  Hanukkah. Now you know how much time you have left to get your Hanukkah shopping done. And once Hanukkah starts, it will show you which night of  Hanukkah it is. [read more | download]

history-of-chanukah-iconHistory of Hanukkah contains the history, images and stories about the Hanukkah.  [read more | download]

Chanukah Guide Chabad app – Chanukah, the Festival of  Light, is among the most widely celebrated of  Jewish holidays. It is a time for happy family gatherings around the menorah, for children’s songs and sizzling potato latkes and games of  ”dreidel.” For many of us, it brings back fond memories of childhood, or serves to renew our sense of Jewish identity.  [read more | download]

The Chanukah Guide is equipped with all the features necessary for lighting the Chanukah Menorah. It’s packed with easy-to-understand tutorials, the Menorah blessings in six languages, an array of social sharing options, and a timer that reminds you how long you’ve been watching the Menorah. To pass the time while watching the Chanukah candles, the developers incorporated an animated Driedel game that spins with randomized results. The app also comes along with a camera that is connected to your favorite social networks, and the Haneiros Halolu and Moaz Tzur prayers. [read more | download].

Photo © The Jewish Museum, New YorkLight My Fire: A Hanukkah App allows users to select a contemporary or traditional Hanukkah lamp from the NY Jewish Museum’s renowned collection [read more | download]

Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights.  Every year Jews celebrate the Maccabee’s victory and restoration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem with Hanukkah menorahs,  games, gifts and delicious latkes.  Hanukkah:  The Festival of  Lights  – StoryChimes takes your child on a historic journey to learn how Judah Maccabee  stood up for his beliefs. [read more | download]

iBracha app offers ready-made Hebrew greeting cards for every occasion. App  contains a variety of ready-made templates with backgrounds and texts that can be combined to create custom greeting cards for a variety of occasions: Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Shavuot, Hanukkah, Purim, birthdays, weddings and more. You can send greetings as a MMS, by email as a cool image. [read more | download]

Celebrate the Festival of  Lights with friends and loved ones. Play with the dreidel and have lots of  fun.  Send warm greeting cards from your iPhone. Hanukkah… Light the menorah, play with the dreidel and feast on latkes and sufganiyot.  Celebrate the spirit of  Hanukkah with friends, family. Congratulate your family, friends or co-workers. [read more | download]

Hanukkah is an innovative and easy-to-use app to help you manage your Hanukkah Gift Recipients, Planning, Shopping and Budgets. -Add Gift Recipients and Photos from your Contact List or manually – Keep Gift Preferences including Interests, Sized Items and Stores for each Recipient – Add Gifts and a Budget for each Recipient… [read more | download]

At the heart of the festival is the nightly menorah (chanukiah) lighting.

Hanukkah boxHanukkah Box” is a unique Hanukkah iPad app.  A very realistic experience. Use your fingers to drag the “Shamash” flame from the candle wick and turn on the Hanukkah candles.  Tap the candle wick tips to turn off the flame.  Get access to the blessings while you light the candles.  [read more | download]

chanukah-bIn this chanukah app you play a song and animated spinning-tops, you will light the animated candles and find part of a favourite Hanukkah song in each of the candles. In edition there is a Date and Time Picker. [read more | download]

menorahs-by-kids-iconThis iOS Menorah is a fun and safe way to light the candles for each day of the Chanukah. Choose the Menorahs button to select a Menorah colored by children who’s ages range between 3-12 years old. Click the Blessings button and view the three blessings to be said when lighting the Menorah. [read more | download]

Don’t have a Hanukiyah at home? Are you constantly on the go? Don’t know how to light a Hanukiyah? Afraid to leave a candle burning when you leave the house? Menorapp is an elegant, portable, fun, and Jewish guilt-free Hanukiyah that you can leave burning – even after all the oil runs out. [read more | download]

menorah-rustybrickThis iPhone Menorah will show you how many candles to light for each day of the Jewish Holiday Chanukah (Hanukkah). It has a cute animation, that shows you which way to light, in accordance with the Ashkenaz customs. It also has the Chanukah prayers in Hebrew, English and Transliterated.  [read more | download]

In this app you will find : Hanukkah lamp – in each day of  Hanukkah will appear the appropriate number of candles and you will be able to light them by tap on the candle. Blessings – tap on “Bless” and you will see the Hanukkah blessing with an option to hear it. [read more | download]

Virtual Menorah for the iPad/iPhone has just gotten better with Menorah Deluxe. It’s everything you loved about the original Virtual Menorah with a fancier menorah and more realistic candles. Pick the candle type (Everlasting, Slow Burn, or Fast Burn), choose the night, watch the flames twinkle as the candles burn down. [read more | download]

iHanukkahCandles is an app that allows you to light up the Hanukkah candles.The app will automatically start to function when Hanukkah starts and for each day will allow you to light up the candles.You can listen to the blessings in Nusach Ashkenaz or Spharad. Light up the candles by tapping on the candle. [read more | download]

The Virtual Menorah for both iPad and iPhone/iTouch is here! Pick your candle type (Everlasting, 20min or 5 min).  Choose the night.  Watch them twinkle and burn down. [read more | download]

Kindling Hanukkah (Chanukah) lights is the most important Hanukkah custom.  Jews light Hanukkah candles to remember the miracle of the Maccabees’ victory and the miracle of the oil that burnt for eight days in the holy Temple.  It is a mitzvah  that Jews “publicize the miracle” by lighting a Hanukkah. [read more | download]

For the Jew far from home. Take part in the ancient tradition of  lighting the Menorah with this simple and beautiful application. Whether you’re traveling, commuting or fressing on a pastrami and rye, iMenorah is the perfect companion  (but not replacement).  [read more | download]

Celebrate the Festival of  Lights with the Original Menorah on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Use your finger as a virtual match to first light the Shamash and then drag it to light the others. Watch the candles burn down over the course of the evening. Set the burn rate and tell a friend.  [read more | download]

chanukah-background-iconAn universal app ‘Hanukkah Sunrise Sunset’ to enjoy on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Hanukkah themed background that changes with time of day with the current phase of the moon.  App uses phone location to change background with time of sunrise and sunset and twinkling stars at night – Flashing lights on the house.  [read more | download]

Hanukkah’s best known custom is playing with the dreidel (a spinning top on which are inscribed the Hebrew letters nungimmelhei and shin, an acronym for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham, “a great miracle happened there” ); and the giving of Chanukah gelt,  gifts of money, to children.

Dreidel, the traditional Hanukkah game played with a spinning top and chocolate coins, comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch as Super Dreidel. Features: – For 2 to 8 players – Great graphics & animation – 3 different game modes (traditional, Vegas, and Turbo) – Traditional Hanukkah music You select the number of players. [read more | download]

The people who brought you Super Dreidel bring you Super Dreidel Israel Edition, dreidel game for your iPhone/iPod/iPad that lets you play with the same dreidel you would spin in Israel. Outside Israel, the four Hebrew letters of the dreidel form an acronym for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham, “A Great Miracle Happened There.”  [read more | download]

iDreidel offers the most realistic dreidel simulation using an advanced 3D physics engine with real sound and motion dynamics. You can control the speed of the dreidel’s spin with longer swipes and the dreidel dynamically bounces off gelt and other obstacles on the table. The Dreidel itself is beautiful wood with carved Ashurit letters. [read more | download]

To play, have a pot of coins or “chips”, each player then takes turns spinning the dreidel. If you land on green (gimel) you get all the coins, yellow (nun) means nothing happens, red (hey) means you get half the pot, blue (shin) means you put one coin in.  [read more | download]

It’s Chanukah. Where can you find a Dreidel? With Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel and an iPhone or iPod Touch you will never be caught without your lucky Dreidel ever again! MacWorld Review: 3 Mice!!! “More Satisfying… Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel is the best authentic simulated dreidel experience that you can get for your iPhone”  [read more | download]

Unlike other applications this dreidel actually spins around. The dreidel is usually played in chanukah.  Each side of the dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet: נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hei), ש (Shin), acronym for “נס גדול היה שם” (Nes Gadol Haya Sham – “a great miracle happened there”).  [read more | download]

Aint Bubbies Dreidel is a working dreidel that you can spin like the real deal. Set your iPhone or iPod Touch down on a smooth surface and give it a spin, taking off the protective cover for maximum torque.  The dreidel spins along with your iPhone.  Choose from three different dreidel shapes.  [read more | download]

iGevalt is a 3D dreidel simulator for Hanukkah. This app is a simple simulator of the dreidel itself. You can spin the dreidel with a swipe of your finger, or by using two fingers and “spinning” it. When it lands, a popup will appear that shows you what you got and what to do. [read more | download]

 A simple game that’s been played for ages, for all ages. A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides.  It is typically played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The game played with a dreidel is similar to Teetotum where the person spinning must spin the top and do what the resulting side… [read more | download]

Happy Hanukkah from Jirbo.  Another super-fun casual game from Jirbo, where you have to tap the Dreidels flying around your iPhone while at the same time avoiding the burning candles.  Adjust the size of the Dreidels  in the settings menu.  Compete against all  Dreidel  Tap users around the world on the high-scores list. [read more | download]

Hanukkah’s Games

All your favorite Hanukkah activities  in one app. Made by three kids, this app is the app that they wanted to use. Spin the dreidel, cook up some latkes, light the candles (pick any color you like), and sing along with three of your favorite Hanukkah song selections. Made by kids, for kids. [read more | download]

Hanukkah’s coming! It’s time to celebrate with Zazzy Katz, the holiday party cat! Corky Portwine created Hanukkah Zazz app, a funny and interactive picture book for kids. Help Zazzy celebrate the Festival of Lights by lighting the menorah, eating gelt and giving presents. Colorful illustrations with movement. Music and speech on every page.  [read more | download]

chai-chanukah_258x80This app is 100% geared towards Jewish parents and their children. It has something for everyone,  it is both entertaining and educational.  Kids will love it because it is interactive and fun.  Parents will love it because the educational text comes directly from a Rabbi and wrote it as a loving supplement to rabbinical teachings. [read more | download]

An interactive, animated, read-along Hanukkah book with games. Have your kids listen too, read-along with, or even record a brand new Hanukkah story. Richard Codor’s Too Many Latkes tells the tale of a mysterious man and the mayhem that ensues when he gives a magic potato to a family that needs a little help. [read more | download]

Robin Chaplik and Mark Dice weave a magical story, Latkes For Everyone.  It is a tale of friends, family and latkes – all in a big holiday coloring book.  Help Leah make this the best Hanukkah ever! Light her menorah with vibrant colors.  Paint her a great dreidel.  Draw lots and lots of latkes. [read more | download]

Chanukah Jigsaw Puzzle Game HD – Build this 24-piece puzzle of a Menorah wishing you a happy Chanukah. [read more | download]


This game, developed by JRJA Software Solutions, is a Hanukkah themed memory game of cards. It has 3 themes ‘Menorah’, ‘Dreidel’ and ‘Gelt’. The cards in each level are relevant to the theme.  Finding a matching card gets you points.  Timer keeps track of your time.  [read more | download]

Behrman House has just released 2 new apps called iHanukkah and Dreidel Labyrinth. iHanukkah helps to teach the blessings that are said on Hanukkah and also provides some matching games to reinforce vocabulary associated with the prayers. This is a great app for someone who is looking for assistance with Jewish rituals. [read more | download]

Enjoy Hanukkah playing this beautiful sliding puzzle, scramble and solve in the lowest amount of clicks. The picture includes a Menorah, a Dreidel, and Hanukkah gelt.  [read more | download]

The perfect app to celebrate a perfect Hanukkah. – Each day the correct number of candles are lit. – Don’t forget the candle lighting prayers. – Learn about the holiday’s history and origin. – Song lyrics to all favorite Hanukkah songs.  [read more | download]

Don’t forget another gift you receive this Hanukkah. With this simple to use gift reminder, you can save all the gifts you receive along with a picture and description beside each provider’s name. To generate and keep track of your thank you notes, you can quickly and easily send custom emails at any time. [read more | download]

KidCalc teaches number recognition, counting and math to pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school aged children using engaging flash cards, puzzles and games. Unlike similar apps, KidCalc has animated addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division lessons embedded in its puzzles and games.  [read more | download]

A celebration of the Jewish Festival of  Lights, in your pocket.  Along with Holiday Envi, Hanukkah Envi brings thousands of the best Web-based Hanukkah images to your iPhone. It’s a tour of deep tradition, seasonal wonder, ancient history and holiday fun.  From menorahs of all kinds, to dreidels and gelt. [read more | download]

Attention Moms and Dads. Hanukkah Fun is a fun and educational puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Hanukkah Fun features scrambled Hanukkah works of art that need unscrambling. This game will keep your child occupied while helping him or her learn about Hanukkah.  [read more | download]

Happy Hanukkah from Jirbo.  Match the festive Hannukah items in the game as fast as you possibly can! Compete for highscores worldwide.  Tapping on your iPhone has never been this fun.  Hanukkah music and sound effects.  [read more | download]

Captain Moustache, the Michigan-based web applications company which has launched several unique applications for Apple users has developed an interactive dreidel game for iProduct devices. The Captain has made a dreidel that would make his bubbe proud.  The dreidel app allows users to spin a virtual dreidel,  earn Hanukkah shekels (Israeli coins), and beat opponents. [read more | download]

123 Color Hanukkah Edition teaches numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, French, and German, with engaging artwork, voice-overs, music, sound effects, and animation. 123 Color Hanukkah Edition is a Hanukkah themed version of 123 Color, which has been featured in The New York Times, in iPhone Life Magazine… [read more | download]

DaysTo Hanukkah is the simple, easy-to-use app that gives you the instant gratification of knowing exactly how soon the Festival of  Lights will be here. Simply tap the icon and you’ll immediately know how many days you have to create the celebration you really want this year. This application is pre-programmed to calculate Hanukkah dates. [read more | download]

Hanukah customs also include eating foods fried in oil – latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiot (doughnuts)

Looking for Hanukkah recipes app? Here you find all more than 100 trusted Hanukkah recipes complete with categories, tips and methods and cooking tips. Hanukkah Recipes include following recipes: sweet kugel, apple fritters, pineapple kugel, schmaltz, edible dreidel, chanukah nuts, gelt double-fudge cake, hanukkah applesauce, honey cake, crisp fried potato latkes, hanukkah sweet-and-sour brisket. [read more | download]

A sufganiyah (plural, sufganiyot) is a ball-shaped doughnut that is first deep-fried, then pierced and injected with jelly or custard, and then topped with powdered sugar. It is similar to the German Berliner, the Polish pączki, or the Russian ponchik.  In Yiddish, sufganiyot are known as ponchkes.  They are usually eaten warm.  The Hebrew word sufganiyah derives from the Hebrew word for sponge (sfog, Hebrew‎).  [read more | download]

Hanukkah’s Songs and ringtones

Sit back and sing along with your favorite Chanukah Songs with friends and family and enjoy the holiday. [read more | download]


Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights.  In Hanukkah Ringtones app you will find 15 high quality ringtones, all the best. All in good quality, specially designed to sound like a real ringtone. All ringtones are 40 sec. long and looped.  All ringtones are in iTunes format and can be synchronized with your iPhone. [read more | download]

Celebrate Hanukkah with your Android device

Hanukkah themed background that changes with time of day with the phase of  Moon. Uses phone location to change background with time of sunrise and sunset and stars at night. Display the current phase of the Moon. Menorah automatically lites during Hanukkah at sunset. There are backgrounds around sunrise and sunset.   [read more | download]
Now you can spin the dreidel anywhere at any time on your Android phone. App includes beautifully rendered 3D graphics with motion-blur and sound effects that make it feel like the real thing. Tilt the phone to keep the dreidel from falling off. Grab some chocolate gelt and some friends, and play today.  [read more | download]
Droidel is an Android version of the game of Dreidel. Dreidel is a game of chance played on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Listen to Chanukah music while the realistic 3D Dreidel spins. Play Game of Dreidel with 2-4 players. Spin the Dreidel.  Look at the Spin Statistics. Completely customizable Game and Dreidel.  [read more | download]
Flip Latkas to see if they will land heads or tails like a coin. This is an application for Hanukkah in which the user can flip latkes and see if the latka flips heads or tails. It’s kind of like a coin flip, except with latkes.  [read more | download]
Play Ma’oz Tzur, traditional Chanukah song, on your Android phone. This app for Chanukah plays the piano music to Ma’oz Tzur while displaying the transliteration of the Hebrew to English so you can sing along on Chanukah.  [read more | download]
Turn you Android phone into colourful dreidel.   [read more | download]
Many miracles, great and small, accompanied the liberation of Israel from Hellenic dominance. But there is one particular miracle, the Talmud is saying, that is the sum and substance of Chanukah: the miracle of the small cruse of pure oil that burned for eight days.  [read more | download]
RustyBrick iPhone apps developer from New York, famous for its Siddur for iPhone released two applications for Android – Menorah and Shabbat Shalom. The Android Menorah is a lot like iPhone Menorah but with some differences unique to the Android mobile platform.  [read more | download]
Have an Appy Hanukkah!

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